Top 7 Best Monitors for Eye Strain in 2021 [Reviews+Buying Guide]

If you work on a computer and spend hours of your time daily in front of the computer’s screen, then chances of getting eye strain are high. No matter what type of a person you are, you will experience the consequences of sitting for hours in front of the computer’s screen.  

To get rid of eye strain, you need to replace your computer’s screen first. Eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired. The same thing happens when you use a smartphone for hours.  

According to various studies, over 60% of digital device users are experiencing eye strain issue, and the most common reason is using a computer or smartphone for hours.  

In this article, we are going to share the best monitors for eye strain with you. To keep your eyes healthy and to get rid of eye strain, you need to choose an eye-friendly monitor so that you can work for hours without getting tiredly-eyes. 

Thankfully, we have hundreds of models from the world-class brands which are specially designed for users who are experiencing eye-related issues. To narrow down the selection process and to get you the best monitor for eye strain in 2020, here are the detailed reviews of the best monitors for eye strain in 2020. 

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Best Monitors for Eye Strain Reviews

1. Asus MZ27AQ Designo 27” Monitor WQHD IPS DP HDMI – Monitor for Eye Strain

The Asus MZ27AQ is a stylish-looking monitor designed for users with eye-strain problem. This special eye care monitor is quite popular amongst the users who work on a computer screen for hours. It is also an ideal option for professional gamers. Let’s check out the key features of this stylish eye care monitor.  


  • An ultra-wide 27-inches of screen size support a wide-viewing angle of 178 degrees.
  • Designed with ASUS exclusive Eye Care Technology.
  • 2560×1440 WQHD screen resolution.
  • Features an ultra-slim frameless design.
  • Comes with all the necessary ports.
  • Built-in stereo speakers with sub-woofer.
  • Ideal for professional use.
  • Backed by 3 Years Rapid Replacement warranty.

best monitors for eye strain

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If we talk about the build quality and design of this monitor, is does offer a stylish look to match up with the modern generation’s expectations. It features an ultra-slim frameless screen. The essential connectivity ports are located at the right side at the backside with a built-in joystick which is at the left side. 

Slim bezels of the screen let you combine it with multiple monitors easily. It also occupies less space on the desk, offering you extra workspace. It’s a perfect addition to your drawing room, bedroom or office.  

It comes with a circular metallic finish stand. You can easily attach the stand to place it on the desk or anywhere you want. Unfortunately, you can’t mount it to the wall as it lacks mounting holes at the backside.  

It comes with a high-performance display, I.e. 27-Inch full IPS display with 2K screen resolution. It offers rich visuals which makes it the best option for professional video editors and photographers who can get a full area of the screen to work.  

Being the latest edition, this Monitor is designed with Asus’ special Eye Care Technology. If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, then this model is the best suited for you.  

Moving on to the ports, the Monitor features an audio and dual HDMI 1.4 input, DisplayPort. Moreover, it features 2 stereo 6W speakers with 5W subwoofer with 2.1 channel audio. It delivers excellent sound and entertainment with great visuals.  



  • High-performance IPS Screen.
  • Supports 2K Screen Resolution.
  • Designed with Eye Care Technology.
  • Ultra-slim design.


  • Lacks wall-mounting holes.
  • Limited connectivity ports.

2. BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS Monitor for Eyes

BenQ is known for its quality products in the digital world. The company has a range of all types of digital devices in its library. BenQ has recently introduced a new range of computer monitors with advanced technologies. The BenQ GW2480 is an affordable option for those who are searching for a budget-friendly eye strain monitor. 


  • 24” full HD 1080 pixels IPS Panel.
  • The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. 
  • Slim-bezel design looks very familiar.
  • Patented Eye-care for eye protection.
  • Advanced integrated cable management. 
  • Comes with a stylish and portable stand

best monitor for eyes

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BenQ has designed the G Series Monitors for extra protection to your eyes. The company has used the special patented eye-care technology so that you can work for hours without stressing out.  

This monitor packs with all the latest specs, which makes it an ideal option for the new generation consumers. You will get all the essential connectivity features, elegant design and high performance from this affordable monitor.  

The monitor comes with a 24-Inch full IPS display. It supports full HD resolution, which offers great visuals. If you are a pro-gamer or a professional user working in the photography or video editing field, then this monitor gives you the best of environment where you can unleash your creativity.  

What’s unique about this monitor is it comes with an integrated cable management system. It keeps all the wired connection hidden. You will never see this type of cable management system on any other monitors.  

The monitor’s screen has thin bezels around. It carries a super-sleek and stylish design which can be the perfect addition to your office or drawing-room. The carbon fibre and texture-based design look quite premium.  

This computer screen is designed with patented eye-care technology. The screen automatically adjusts the brightness and color combination with the latest Brightness Intelligence Technology to ease your eyes. The technology is there to protect your eyes from eye strain and headaches. It delivers optimized visuals to ease your eyes.  

Moving on to the connectivity ports, you will get a D-Sub, HDMI ports, Display Input etc. This monitor is backed by the company’s three-years limited manufacturer warranty.



  • Lightweight and Ultra-slim bezels look stylish.
  • Advanced Eye Care Technology Blue Light and Zero Flicker.
  • Special Vesa Mountable Stand.
  • Low Blue Light Technology.
  • Easy connectivity ports.


  • Integrated Speakers are not powerful
  • Lacks color combination around edges .

3. ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD 24 Inch 1080p Frameless Widescreen IPS Monitor 

ViewSonic is one of the most trusted brands in the industry with a range of all types of computer screens. The company’s VX2476-SMHD 24-Inch Monitor is an elegant and feature-rich monitor suitable for those who are having headache or eye strain problems. It packs with all the specifications and features of a modern-generation computer screen.  


  • Ultra-slim frameless-design 
  • Supports full HD screen resolution with better viewing angle 
  • Super-clear IPS Panel
  • Designed with advanced flicker-free technology for eye strain  
  • Flexible connectivity options 
  • Comes with a user-friendly stand 

monitor for eyes 2020

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Being one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ViewSonic is known for its quality products. This frameless computer monitor fulfils you crave of a modern design computer. It looks super-sleek and carries a minimalistic design. It uses an IPS panel which is the market’s best and highly recommended Panel.  

It’s a perfect choice for those who work on a computer for hours. It comes with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, offering more space to explore the entire screen. If you are into the photography or video editing industry, you can get the best of visuals and great space to work on this monitor. 

It is designed with the advanced SuperClear IPS Panel Technology. It is there to adjust the brightness and color combination. The same technology protects your eyes if you use it for hours. It covers the entire screen with its vivid-color combination and offers the best of entertainment.  

The monitor is there to deliver outstanding picture quality with high-performance. The monitor comes with a stylish stand which is made from high-grade plastic materials. The stand is easy-to-attaching and makes the monitor portable to move around.  

The screen size of this monitor is 24-inch which is suitable for daily use. It’s a perfect addition to your office or drawing room where it sits on a desk with a stylish stand.  

All the essential connectivity ports are also available to connect multiple devices and audio systems to this monitor screen. You will get an integrated audio jack or headphone jack, one display port, 2 HDMI ports, VGA port etc. You can easily combine this screen with a range of monitors with easy connectivity options. 

It also comes with integrated audio speakers. You can also connect an external home-theatre system to enhance the sound quality. It gives you full freedom to connect it with multiple devices and systems without any hassle.  

ViewSonic offers 3 years limited manufacturer warranty. The package contains all the essential parts and a user manual to assemble the system and to get started with it.  



  • Super-sleek frameless design 
  • Flicker-free Technology for a better viewing experience 
  • Supports full HD resolution 
  • Sturdy design
  • Essential Connectivity Ports 
  • Ideal for professional use 


  • Reduced audio output from the integrated speakers
  • Some users have found it difficult assembling the stand with the main screen

4. ASUS PB278Q 27″ WQHD Eye Care Monitor

Asus PB278Q is the latest range of monitors from Asus designed with the latest technologies. It’s an exceptional eye care monitor that delivers excellent picture quality and vibrant visuals without affecting your eyes. It’s a perfect addition for drawing room and office as it carries a minimalistic and super-sleek design.


  • 27” WQHD Screen with 2560 x 1440 of screen Resolution
  • IPS Panel with a high viewing angle of 178 degrees
  • VESA Mountable compatible for wall and desks
  • Supports multiple video modes
  • Features all the essential connectivity ports
  • Designed with Asus Eye Care Technology

best eye care monitor

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This special eye care monitor is designed for professional users who can work and play for hours without eye strain. It features a 27-Inch IPS panel with 2K screen resolution. The screen delivers great picture quality with better visuals. It offers 77% of on-screen workspace for professional users.

Being the new generation monitor, it comes with a plethora of features to give you the best of viewing and connectivity experience. Yes, the monitor comes with a list of essential connectivity ports. You can easily connect it with different devices and systems to expand its user-interface.

Unlike other models, this monitor features an ultra-slim design with less bezels. It looks super sleek and extra stylish. Its flicker-free design is what attract the new consumers who are searching for a stylish monitor with eye care technology.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology enhances the overall performance of this screen. With auto enhancer of color, brightness, video compatibility, it is the perfect choice for regular users.

The monitor comes with an ergonomic stand with tilt, swivel and pivot options. You can also adjust the height of this monitor using the same ergonomic stand. With a little push of your hand, you can easily adjust the viewing angle of the screen as per your needs.

Moreover, the design comes with an easily detachable base allowing users to wall-mount it easily with VESA Mountable.

Moving on to the connectivity ports, it comes with a standard HDMI port, a DisplayPort, DVI-D and VGA connectivity ports. You can also combine this computer screen with a range of monitors with easy connectivity. It also comes with integrated audio speakers.

The Asus Eye Care Monitor is backed by the company’s 3 years limited manufacturer warranty.



  • Excellent visuals with a great color combination
  • IPS Panel with great viewing angle
  • Special Eye Care Technology
  • Ergonomic stand with easy portability
  • VESA Mountable


  • Lacks USB Ports
  • A bit expensive

5. Asus Designo MX279HS Monitor – 27″ Full HD Monitor for Eye Strains

Asus Designo MX279HS is yet another popular choice for those who are searching for a new Eye Care Monitor for professional use. This monitor has a decent design that stands with a specialized stand. The super-sleek design with fewer bezels makes it an ideal option for modern generations.


  • Ultra-thin design with fewer bezels occupies less space.
  • LED-backlit with IPS Panel.
  • Designed with Asus’ Eye Care Technology.
  • Asus Smart Contrast Ratio for an immersive visual experience.
  • Comes with QuickFit Virtual Scale to view original photos and videos.
  • Essential connectivity ports are included

eye care monitor

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The MX279HS is an excellent choice for those who are searching for a new generation monitor. It’s a professional-grade edition designed especially for professional users who work for hours on the computer’s screen.

It comes with a standard 27” screen size with the great viewing angle of 178 degrees. What might impress you the most is its super-sleek and elegant design. It carries an innovative design which looks extra premium. It requires very less space on the desk and keeps the desk free from clutter.

Furthermore, the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 on a standard Backlit LED IPS panel. It optimizes the visuals of the screen and covers the entire screen with rich visuals. It’s a perfect choice for photographers, video editors and gamers who can get the best of gaming experience.

Moreover, this monitor can be combined with other monitors easily with the built-in connectivity ports. It comes with the latest QuickFit Virtual Scale which offers you the best of picture and video viewing experience. You can view the original picture size before printing it out through this monitor.

You would also be impressed to see the color contrast of this monitor as it uses the latest Smart Contrast Ratio with auto adjustment feature. You will get the best of visual experience with this smart technology on the monitor.

Moving on to the connectivity ports, it comes with D-Sub VGA, HDMI inputs with the compatibility of a variety of multimedia devices and systems. The monitor also features built-in multimedia speakers with the smooth audio experience.

Asus’ unique Eye Care Monitor is backed by the company’s 3 years limited manufacturer warranty. The company also provides free shipping on this model.



  • Excellent picture quality with great viewing angle.
  • Super sturdy and ultra-slim design.
  • Easy controls with all connectivity ports.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Backed by 3 Years Replacement Warranty.


  • It does not have an ergonomic design. You can’t easily move it around on the desk.
  • The brightness level seems a bit lower.

6. BenQ GW2280 Eye Care 22 Inch 1080P Slim Bezel Monitor

BenQ’s new generation Eye Care Monitor is designed to deliver the best of performance with the advanced eye care technology to keep your eyes healthy. It’s a simple-looking frameless monitor for professional use. It’s also a great option for professional gamers.


  • Excellent performance with the advanced technologies.
  • Sturdy design for long-lasting performance.
  • Frameless super-slim design.
  • Designed with special Eye Care Technology for flicker-free performance.
  • Specialized sculpted base.
  • Advanced cable management system

best monitors for eyes

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The BenQ GW2280 is a stylish-looking elegant monitor designed for new-generation users. It’s a professional-grade monitor which is there for the users who work for hours in front of the computer’s screen. Frameless monitor with ultra-slim bezels makes it an ideal option for every new buyer.

What’s unique about this monitor is it comes with a special cable management junction which keeps all the cables of the monitor hidden. It is equipped with the company’s special Eye Care Technology combined with Low Blue Light Technology and Flicker-Free Performance. The exclusive eye care technology reduces eye strain and eye fatigue. You can work for hours without stressing out.

It delivers a great viewing experience with better visuals. The screen is designed on an LED and VA panels to enhance its performance. The same technology offers high contrast, exceptional brightness, deeper blacks with sharper details. The cable management system is invisible and equipped with the stand itself.

The display comes with the ability to render 16.7 million color shades. You will get the perfect color combination and great visuals with the latest display technology. It is also equipped with an advanced Brightness Intelligence Technology which auto adjust the brightness of the screen and offers the best and most comfortable viewing experience.

Moving on to the connectivity ports, the Monitor features 2 HDMI ports with a flexible cable management system. You can combine this monitor screen with other displays easily without any hassle. The screen supports a variety of multimedia modes to enjoy the best of entertainment.

The BenQ’s Special Eye Care Monitor is backed by the company’s three years limited manufacturer warranty. The supplier also offers 30 days free money back replacement warranty on this model.



  • 22” full HD professional-grade monitor.
  • Supports wide viewing angle with 178 degrees.
  • Edge to edge slim bezels.
  • Advanced Eye Care Technology to relieve eye strain/
  • Supports different low blue light
  • Advanced cable management system


  • Some users are complaining about the low-picture quality of this monitor.

7. Asus VP28UQG 28″ Eye Care Monitor Eye Care Monitor

Asus has a new range of gaming monitors designed for professional gamers. If you work for hours on the computer for video editing or photoshopping or any other work, then you must go with the Eye Care Monitor. The VP28UQG is the best eye care monitor from Asus, which comes under a budget price tag for you.


  • Full 4K Panel with super-rich visuals
  • Elegant design with thin bezels
  • 28-inch screen with great viewing angle.
  • Supports AMD’s free-sync technology
  • Advanced Eye Care Technology to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Delivers super-smooth performance.
  • Comes with all essential connectivity ports

best eye care monitors 2020

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The Asus VP28UQG is a premium-end professional-grade monitor designed for professional gamers. The 28-Inch IPS screen supports full 4K resolution that delivers super-smooth and rich viewing experience. It’s a perfect addition to your drawing room and office as it occupies very less space on the desktop.

The thin bezels make it look super-thin and also very stylish. The body comes with an anti-glare coating which looks even more premium from out. It also features VESA mounting to wall-mount the screen quickly. The screen comes with a circular base that makes it easier for the users to tilt it.

The response time of this monitor is 1ms, and it comes with adaptive sync and AMD free sync technology for the immersive gaming experience. The screen delivers ultra-smooth and crisp visuals that you might have never experienced before on any other monitor screen.

What’s unique about this monitor is that it is designed with the company’s special Eye Care Technology. It reduces eye fatigue and eye strain while delivering a sharp picture with great visuals.

It comes with great controls with an integrated 5-way OSD Joystick. With the integrated Joystick, you can make use of a variety of features and functions of the computer screen.

Moreover, the monitor comes with presets with which you can easily switch between the viewing modes of the monitor. You can change the scenery, theatre, game, night, darkroom and many other modes from the built-in preset of the computer screen.

Moving on to the connectivity ports, you will get a dual HDMI port along with a standard DisplayPort. Built-in settings for gamers make it an ideal choice for professional gamers.

The Asus VP28UQG Eye Care Monitor is backed by the company’s three years of limited warranty. The supplier also offers 30 days money-back guarantee.



  • Full 4K Panel with crisp and sharp picture quality.
  • Super-sleek and portable design.
  • Ideal for professional games with built-in settings.
  • 5 Way OSD Joystick for better control of the monitor.
  • Affordable.


  • Some users are complaining about the poor screen resolution while combining with other displays.

Buying Guide

With so many options in the market, new users can’t decide which monitor is best for eye strain as there are hundreds of models available in the market from different manufacturers. Here, we have enlisted a few things which should be considered by you while buying a best monitor for eye strain.

Things to Consider While Buying a Monitor for Eyes

While buying the best monitor for eyes, I would suggest you to go through this guide. It will definitely help you to choose one of the best monitors for eye strain. 

1. Type of Panel

The first thing you need to consider while buying a new computer’s screen is the panel type. Most manufacturers are using IPS and VA Panels as they are great for eye strain problems. They offer great color combination and also equip well with other technologies.

According to the activities you will be performing on the screen, you need to choose the right type of Panel. Generally, an IPS panel is highly recommended by the experts. If you go with the premium-end Panel, you will get IPS combined with VA panels.

2. Viewing Angle

You should also check the support for viewing angle. High viewing angle offers great visuals from all the directions. Make sure you select the display which supports a great viewing angle.

When it comes to choosing the viewing angle, a 178-degree viewing angle of the display is highly recommended. With a great viewing angle, you will get the same image and video quality from different angles.

3. Flicker-free

Most computer screens feature a backlit system which causes flicker while viewing pictures and videos on the screen. New generation monitors are designed with the technologies that will eliminate all the flicker produced by the backlit system. It delivers sharp and high picture quality.

The flicker-free technology eliminates the eye irritation, eye strain and eye fatigue. You will feel relaxed even after working for hours on the computer with the availability of the flicker-free screen.

4. Ergonomic Design

You should also check the design of the monitor and the stand. Always choose the computer with an ergonomic design which can be tilted, twisted, swivelled easily. With an ergonomic design, you can also easily adjust the height of the screen as per your needs.

The attached stand on the computer helps you to rotate the screen from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa. With just a little push of the screen, you can easily change the position of the screen and can adjust it as per your needs.

5. Auto-Brightness

The monitor you choose should also come with the automatic brightness adjustment feature. With this feature, you don’t have to manually adjust the screen brightness. The brightness of the screen will be automatically adjusted as per the availability of the light in the room or around the area.

With the latest technologies, the adjustment of the brightness in the computer’s screen has become possible. BenQ, Asus and many other brands offer their latest monitors with Intelligence Brightness Technology.

6. Refresh Rate

High refresh rate delivers super-smooth performance. If you are a professional gamer or one who wants a super-faster computer, then you must go with the monitor which comes with a high refresh rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a headache problem, should I switch my Computer System?

If you are a professional user of the computer and work for hours on it, then chances of having a constant headache are high. You need to switch your computer’s screen immediately, or we can say the monitor to a specialized eye care monitor.

Which Display is the Best for Eye Strain?

Generally, LED and OLED panels are suitable for eye strain.

Which background is best to reduce eye strain?

Dark backgrounds are suitable to reduce eye strain as you don’t have to stress on your eyes while looking at the computer’s screen.

Do I have to consider the screen resolution?  

You should not as soon as you have a special purpose for it. If you are a regular user, then the full HD screen resolution is sufficient for your needs. However, if you have special requirements or want to experience the best of entertainment, then there are monitors with full 4K resolutions also present in the market.

Which are the best eye caring technologies used by the Monitors?  

Different manufacturers are using different technologies to reduce eye strain. Blue light filters, flicker-free, anti-glare screens are the different types of technologies used by the manufacturers.

Wrapping Up!

That’s all you have to know about the best Monitors for Eye Strain. The above buying guide is prepared for the new users who don’t know anything about the new technologies which can help relaxes eye strain while working on the computers for hours.

For your convenience, we have picked the market’s top-rated monitors for eye strain in 2020. Go through the detailed reviews of the best-selling monitors for eye strain and pick the suitable option as per your budget now!

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