Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems in 2021 [Reviews+Buying Guide]

We all know how technology is changing our lives in today’s modern world. Adding tech devices and automation systems to your home help you to live a worry-free and secured life.

If you run a home-based business or have a huge home with multiple floors and workers, then you must install a reliable home intercom system to stay connected with each other or to keep an eye on a new visitor.   

Gone are the days when you have to rely on manual systems to call or to communicate with someone within a home. You can now easily make a voice call to communicate with the person you want to within a home or apartment just by using the home intercom system.  

If you are a newbie and don’t aware of the importance of a home intercom system and its benefits, then the following Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems Reviews + Buying guide will help you to know everything about it. If you really wish to make your home smarter, then Home Intercom System is the first step. Let’s collect all the useful guide and reviews about the home intercom system.  


15 Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems 2020 [Reviewed]

1. Echo Show 2nd Generation – Top Rated Intercom System


  • Premium with Dolby Processing
  • Compatible Zigbee devices
  • Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls,
  • Watch award-winning movies and shows from Prime Video

Extra features: Compatible with Zigbee Device.




This device comes with all the benefits of a wireless home intercom system with added Alexa skills. You can control various devices through the Echo Show 2nd Gen, such as Smart bulb, ACs, Fans, etc. Apart from this, it lets you explore the full range of abilities available with the Amazon Echo.

It allows you to stream music, browse news, set alarms, or reminders. Echo Shows comes with more than 50,000 skills to help you through household chores.

With the large, vibrant 10.1″ HD display, You can also make video calls with the person over skype, Alexa App, or Echo Show.



  • With the Voice Control Feature, You can communicate through the various wireless devices.
  • Can be used as Front Door Camera with Zigbee Device.
  • Enjoy thousands of Amazing Alexa Skills.


  • Back is made of Fabric due to which dust gets collect and hard to clean.
  • It is a little expensive but seeing other features, and it is worth to buy.​


If you are thinking of adding a household intercom system in your home, Echo Show is the best device you can have and enjoy the most significant features of it. Voice-control feature allows you to control other household devices connected via Echo Show.

It let you connect with individual video doorbells. With this Intercom System, you can communicate with the person standing outside of your home via the household doorbell.

In the list of Best Home Intercom Systems, this device is the most expensive. But the features and abilities make it worth buying.

2. Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office


  • Long range and Multi Channel
  • Crystal Clear Voice
  • Suitable for Both Home and Office.
  • Eye Catchy Design Design

Extra features: Can be used at outdoor, just power bank required.




Hosmart is the best brand when it comes to Intercom Systems for Home/office. They have different types of Intercom Systems, so that can match your needs accordingly.

Hosmart 7-Channel is designed while keeping your needs in mind. Design is user-friendly and straightforward.

The updated model gives fierce competition to its competitors as It introduced the most significant features like half miles with seven secure channel. It has anti-interference signal technology so that you can trust this device to establish communication with other devices. That’s what makes it a smart choice for your office or home.



  • Sufficient Distance Approximately 1/2 mile.
  • More accessible to Setup, no installation requirement.
  • No wifi required, and a Walkie talkie system for outdoor activities.


  • A little Expensive.
  • A loud, beeping sound when the unit is plugged in.


Overall my review about this intercom system for home is excellent. As it comes with 7 Private digital channels, 1/2 mile range, and impressive voice clarity.

So this is a must-buy device if it matches your requirements.

3. SAMCOM FTAN30A Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office


  • Noise Reduction & Anti-interference Function.
  • 1500 Feet Range and 20 Secure Channels.
  • Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls,
  • Supports AC and Power Bank.

Extra features: Compatible with SATCOM FTAN20AA desktop intercom and FPCN10A FPCN30A FPEN10A two way radios.




Each Intercom unit comes with an inbuilt 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery so you can quickly test the range by using them as a walkie talkie. It offers bright and versatile communication over four blocks from the house.

The device is useful and fits for the most professional and personal needs. Additionally, it provides a lifetime warranty and Samcom’s support.



  • It has a range of 1500 feet and offers 20 Secure Channels.
  • Anti-interference which provide more stability in communication.
  • Built-in 2200 mAh Battery has 27hrs or 55hrs standby time.


  • Cuts off the first word of whatever you speak.


This Intercom System is reliable, expandable, and portable, which is fantastic for home. Its range covers your entire property with clear communication. You can make group calls through the device.

Monitor function allows you to listen to your young kids in a different room, and you can ensure that everyone is safe.

4. Wuloo Intercoms 5280 ft. Range 10 Channel 3 Code Wireless Intercom System


  • Powerful Signal.
  • 10 Channel and 3 Digital Code.
  • Supported by Power Bank for Outdoor.
  • Easy to use and set up.

Extra features: Lifetime Service for Wuloo Intercom System.




If you are looking for a device that offers a vast range to communicate through it, then Wuloo Intercoms claims that it has 5280 feet of high range. But Practical Range may be different from the advertised range, but still, it will be the right choice.

It is a handy device for homes with multiple stories. It works perfectly with 3-story homes with a basement because of its wide-range.

10 Channels and 3 Digital code works with other intercom devices with the same digital code. Some of the other features are Monitor, Talk, VOX (Voice Operated Exchange), Group, and Calling function. Wuloo Intercoms supports Power Bank (5V 1A), which is a plus point, and you can carry out anywhere.



  • Lifetime Service.
  • Easy to set up and install with step by step manual guide.
  • Monitor, Group Calls, Vox mode, and Calling features included.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in battery.​


It could be one of the best wireless home intercom systems for a bigger home having triple stories. As its wide range allows you to communicate from the basement to the top floor without any interruption. 

As it comes with excellent features and lifetime service by Wuloo so that it could be a better choice of yours.

5. AMOCAM Video Intercom System Monitor Doorbell System


  • 7 Inch Monitor with Doorbell.
  • Durrable doorbell camera.
  • Electric Unlocking Function.
  • Easy 4-wire set up.

Extra features: Wired connection stability clear vision for home.




This Video Intercom System monitors activity at your door-step without getting up. You can communicate with the person standing outside through this device. It allows you to monitor activities and home security. It comes with a 7-inch color monitor (with the infrared LED capability) and an outdoor bell with an integrated HD camera, and an electronic unlocking system. It is the best home Intercom system to monitor your doorstep privacy. You can see, hear or talk to the person standing outside while staying inside the home. 7-Inch LCD monitor consumes less power than any other device. It offers infrared lighting for night vision. Using this feature, you can see visitors clearly in the night or low light. What I liked the most about this device is the electronic unlocking system. This feature lets you unlock the door for the visitor standing at the doorstep without moving. In order to use this feature, you need to buy the electronic lock separately. And you need the extra power supply for this. Later you can set this up at your home. All I can say, it is also the best choice if you are looking for the above features in any device. It provides you a 3-year warranty. 



  • Supports Electronic Door Unlocking System.
  • IR LED Lighting for clear vision in low light or night.
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing


  • The wire is not that much longer.


AMACOM provides you many features that you don’t get in any other device in this pricing range. It allows you to monitor the front door without revealing yourself. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly and feature-packed wired intercom system, then this is what you must have in your home for home security.

6. Samcom 20-Channel Wireless Intercom System


  • 20 Secure Channels with 3 ABC Privacy Filter.
  • Talk one-to-one or one-to-many.
  • Support by Power Bank.
  • Safe & Effective Commnication.

Extra features: Lifetime Quality Warranty.




Samcom 20-Channel is the device which is upgradable according to your needs. It means you can increase the number of stations. This device offers 1000 feet range to make effective and secure communication at the office or home. Samcom-20 is a portable device and can be carried out anywhere, and it needs the power bank. The feature I liked about the device, you can talk with multiple persons at a time. Apart from this, you can also have a one-to-one conversation at the same time. Built-in Anti-interference ensures a stable and secure connection and offers better audio quality and microphone input. You can expand to unlimited additional intercom stations as per your requirement.

Pros & Cons


  • Compatible with FTAN10A FTAN30A Intercoms.
  • Easy to use and set up at home or office.
  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality.


  • No Battery included.


I would recommend this device if you are looking for an upgradable device. You can upgrade channels by an additional cost of $10 per channel. It could be one of the wireless home intercom systems for home with a high number of users.  This device also runs on AC power and comes with a Lifetime Quality Warranty.

7. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Video Intercom System


  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • 1080p HD Video Doorbell.
  • Quick-release rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to set up and use.

Extra features: Motion Activated Alerts.




Ring Video Doorbell is another powerful wireless Intercom System for your home with customizable options. It is the perfect device to home security. Ring Video Doorbell 2 offers you to hear, see, speak to the people from your phone or the Echo device. The device comes with a feature that notifies you if any motion is detected at the doorstep. You can adjust this setting in motion zones.  You can easily set up the device using the Ring App on your smartphone. To do that, make sure Ring Video Doorbell and your smartphone is connected to the same wifi network. The device comes with a 1080p Doorbell camera and a quick rechargeable battery.  You can connect the device to the Echo Device as well. When someone rings the bell, you can talk to the person saying- Alexa, talk to the front door. You can also see the person if you have Echo Show 2nd Gen.

Pros & Cons


  • Motion Detected Notification.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • 1080p Live View.
  • Removable battery pack.


  • Requires a monthly Subscription Plan to share photos and videos.


The Device is packed with cool features. Ring App comes with a month free trial. Which lets you record and share the videos with other devices. Once the free trial is over, you will have to pay $3 per month for the app subscription. 

If you don’t want to pay the subscription fee, then you can check other devices that have no monthly payments. 

8. Qniglo FM Wireless Intercom System 10 Channel ½ Mile Long Range


  • Multi Channel&Long Range.
  • Automatic answer mode.
  • Easy Set up and use.
  • Buit-in Microphone and Speaker.

Extra features:  45 days money back & 18-month warranty.




Qniglo FM Wireless home Intercom system has 0-9 channels and ranges up to 600m in the open area. You have don’t have to hold down the button during the communication as it comes with a built-in microphone and speaker.

To operate this device, you need existing 100-240V AC, which is used for Home/Office. You can easily set up this device, and it doesn’t require installation. You can mount it on the wall.

Best Feature of this unit is, automatic call receiver. The device can answer automatically without ringing.

Pros & Cons


  • Answers call automatically without bothering.
  • Supports range up to 1800 Feet in an open area.
  • 45 Days money back and 18-month Warranty.
  • Removable battery pack.


  • No Display, Only Audio Wireless Intercom System.


If you don’t have a high budget and looking for an audio intercom system for home without Display, then this is the best device you can purchase and there is no monthly fee. This is the best for the low budget and suitable for small home and office both.

They offer 45 days money-back and 18-month guarantee. In case if you don’t like it, you can quickly return it. You can contact them for any assistance. They respond within two days.

Buying Guide

What is a Home Intercom System?

wireless intercom for home

A home intercom system is nothing but a series of devices connected with each other to make communication between the users easier. The system helps each and every family member to stay connected within a common premise. The home intercom system can be configured with the home wi-fi network or through an encrypted channel which can offer better security to your system. 

With the latest technologies and new inventions, home intercom systems have been improved with new features. Gone are the days when you have to keep a device in your hand to receive or send voice messages. You can now send and receive voice messages through a wireless speaker. 

Additionally, some home intercom systems come with video conferencing feature as well. You can communicate with your family members with the visitors by making a video call. Home intercom systems are of different types from which some of them are portable while others need to be wall-mounted. 

People who run a home-based business need to be professional enough while working. To keep things well-managed, a home intercom system must be installed. You can’t yell at homeworkers or family members every time you need something. With the home intercom system, you can simply ask the person or co-worker to do the task for you without disturbing the others.

No matter whether you own a small home or a big mansion, a home intercom system has become an essential upgrade. Many homeowners have started using home intercom system for security purpose. 

Some premium-end systems come packed with security features to enhance the security of their home. You can give command using a home intercom system to open the main gate of your home or to view the person’s face through a video screen. Everything is possible by installing a reliable home intercom system in your home.

Home Intercom Systems are of different types as they carry a different set of features and functions. Of course, they are a little pricier than other devices, but some users desperately want to install it in their homes for security reasons and other basic needs.  

Not just in your home, you can also install a home intercom system in your office or in your apartment. They come with different ranges and support multiple devices. Depending on your basic needs, you can easily pick the suitable intercom system from the market. Let’s check out the different types of home intercom systems first. 

Types of Home Intercom Systems

With so many options in the market, the home intercom systems manufacturers are offering different types of features for different types of consumers and their demands. The home intercom systems can be categorized into five different categories as per their features and user-compatibility. 

Here, we have listed down all the different types of home intercom systems which are currently available in the market and you can install in your home or in your office. Let’s check them out now!

1. Wireless Intercom System

A Wireless Intercom is the most popular and highly recommended Intercom System for every home user. It is the latest and most advanced system which uses a wireless connectivity to function. The wireless intercom system is less pricey than other types of intercom systems which is why it is used by all types of consumers. 

Unlike the wired intercom systems, a wireless intercom system comes with a ready-to-use design where no installation or special setup required. You can start using this system quickly. 

Furthermore, a Wireless Intercom System works with the network range of the Wi-Fi router. It is very convenient and requires no prior knowledge and special skills or technician to install it in your home. All it requires is a stable and high-speed Internet connection. 

The network range of the Wi-Fi router must be good enough to cover the area of the wireless intercom system’s devices. You need to be a little careful while using a wireless intercom system as an unauthorized person can get into your connection anytime by matching up with your radiofrequency. 

A wireless intercom system comes with easy functionality with no special setup or installation required. Price-wise, this type of intercom system is less expensive and very well suitable for all types of homes which is why it is highly recommended by the experts. 

Wireless Intercom systems are mostly battery-powered. The built-in battery of this type of system lasts longer so you don’t have to replace the batteries again and again. When the battery level gets low, you will be alerted by the system with a tone or with an indicating light. 

There are numerous types of wireless intercom systems available in the market. The manufacturers are providing a different set of features and functions to attract new buyers. Depending on your basic requirements, you can easily get a reliable intercom system for your home or office use. Make sure you gain enough knowledge about the telecom system that you are purchasing first. 

2. Hard-wired Intercom System

A hard-wired intercom system is the most common type of intercom systems in the market. It is also known as the reliable intercom system which needs to be installed inside your home. Compared to the wireless intercom systems, this type of intercom system is quite expensive as it involves special configurations, installations and wired connections. 

Unlike other intercom systems, wired intercom systems tend to last longer. They also provide great audio signals without interruptions throughout your home. The signal range is high which gives you a different feeling of security. You can have noise-free communication with other users within the range area by installing this system.

Since this type of system needs to be installed inside your home within the wall, they are very well protected and resistant to external forces and environment. You can easily get it installed by contacting a professional who is providing installation services of such systems.

3. Automatic-Gate Entry Intercom System

This type of intercom system is recommended to those who have daily frequent visitors. If you don’t want to leave your work to open the door for the guests, you can simply install the automatic-gate entry intercom system to let them in just by pressing the button. 

In today’s modern world, the latest automatic-gate entry intercom systems equipped with a built-in video camera. It lets you view who is out there so that you can let the person enter by identifying him. This is more secure than other types of systems. 

With the latest system, you can see the person, can talk to him before allowing him to enter. Once you identify that person, you can simply press the button wherever you are to open the gate so that he/ she can come in!

4. Video Intercom System

If you are building a home with all the amenities, then you should not forget to install a video intercom system. A video intercom system allows you to see the face and what that person is doing outside your home through a screen. A video intercom system is mainly based on a wired connection to send proper signals to the person.

Some advanced systems come with multiple options to integrate your existing intercom system with the video screen so that you can communicate and can even see the person standing outside your main gate. The interconnected system and devices can also make use of the same system by providing permissions to them. 

If you go with the advanced video intercom system, you will be offered plenty of advanced and smart features. You will be able to turn off the lights, opening or closing the door etc. right from your smartphone. Yes, some manufacturers are providing smart video intercom system that works with the wireless connection. You can take full control of the system from your smartphone or tablet device. 

Advantages of Installing Home Intercom System

1. Seamless Communication

communication through wireless intercom system

This is the most common reason behind installing a home intercom system inside your home or office. The system allows the home-owner to communicate with other members or home-workers or see or talk with the visitors by using the built-in video screen. Different types of intercom systems come with different benefits and compatibility. You need to research a lot before buying or installing one in your home.

2. Enhanced Security


One more reason to install a home intercom system is to enhance the security of your home. The latest home intercom systems are packed with many security features to keep your home secured from unwanted visitors. Make sure you pick the system which supports video feature. It lets you see who’s outside your gate. Some systems also allow you to talk with the person before letting him in. 

3. Baby/ Elderly Monitoring

If you want to take care or keep an eye on your child’s activities or keep a watch on a babysitter, then you must install a video home intercom system. Many parents are using the system to monitor their babies. This helps the parents to take the monitor along with them so that they can watch what their babies are doing. You can go with the portable systems that run through the wireless connection allowing you to roam around with the monitor or the connected system worry-free to keep an eye on the baby’s activities. 

4. Smart Monitoring

smart monitoring

Smart Home Intercom Systems allow the users to take full control of the system from a smartphone. Yes, users can easily control the intercom system’s feature by using a compatible mobile app provided by the system provider. You can pick up a call or can see the person outside your home or can also open or close down the main gate using the smartphone.

Things to Consider When Buying a
Home Intercom System

Intercoms are now considered as the basic component for every household for the security of the homes as well as for seamless communication between the members. Before finalizing on a particular intercom system, you need to consider a lot of things before buying one. 

To help you choose the right home intercom system, here we have listed down all the things and features which must be considered by every new buyer of it. The following list will help you to choose the right home intercom system which can suit your basic needs. 

1. Budget

budget for wireless intercom system

The first thing you need to consider before start your searching for a new home intercom system is set up your budget. Forget the type, features, configurations etc. and set up a budget to spend on a new intercom system for your home. This will help you to sort out the suitable types of intercom systems which comes within the budget price. 

Since the market is full of competition, there are numerous options with a huge list of features and functions present in the market. If you go with the feature-rich system, you will have to spend more money for that. If you have a limited budget to spend on a home intercom system, then you have to set up a budget limit first.

2. Suitable Type

After setting up a budget, you will be able to focus on the right type of home intercom system. We have already listed down the different types of home intercom systems available in the market, you can easily pick the suitable system as per your requirements for your home or office. 

Explore the available home intercom system well and then decide which system is right for you. This way, you can get a suitable home intercom system with the required features and functions.

3. Multiple Channel

Home Intercom Systems use multiple channels for communication purpose. You have to check the number of channels supported by the system. If you go with the basic model, you will get only one communication channel for all the stations across home. One channel communication lets you make calls to all the connections but can’t have a private call.

When you go with the multiple channel system, you can easily make a private call. This feature should also be considered by the users since it helps you to make a private call with the right person in your home. For the security concern, make sure to go with the home intercom system which comes with multiple channel communications. 

4. Long Connectivity Range


Connectivity range is important factor to consider especially if you have a large home or a big area to cover with the intercom system. Find a system that comes with a long connectivity range so that it can be easily connected with the devices and can provide seamless communication to all ends. 

Apart from this, the intercom system’s installation place should also be considered by the user while installing it inside the home or outdoor. It also affects the connectivity range. For best results, the system should be installed in the middle area of the home so that the radius of its range can cover up the large area of the home or apartment. 

Furthermore, if the system works on your home Wi-Fi network, then you should also check the connectivity of your Wi-Fi network. The network’s range must have to cover all the areas where you are going to use the intercom system and its devices.

5. Supported Devices

The number of supported devices should also be checked by the owner as it lets you connect multiple devices to the same system for seamless communication. When it comes to checking the supported devices, you should also check the security level of the system. 

Some systems come with integrated features allowing users to connect it with other automation and smart devices of the home. These devices might expose your devices’ security to others. You need to be a little careful while selecting the system. 

Smart systems come with the ability to connect to your smartphone and other smart devices. You can take full control of the entire system and its connected devices by using a smartphone app. Most new users prefer to go with the smart home intercom system which runs through Internet connectivity and also come with smartphone connection feature. 

6. Video Feature

Some home intercom system equips a video feature that lets the person see the face or can have the video chat from outside the home. When you go with the intercom system with video feature, you should check whether the video feature support night-mode feature or not. 

Since you are going to use the system 24/7, the video feature must have to support the night-mode feature so that you can see the face of the visitor in the dark light. Check for the availability of the night mode in the system you buy.

7. Determine the Power Supply

The power sources used by the Intercom Systems are different and for that reason, you need to determine the power supply and power source of the system first. Basically, there are two types of power supply used by the home intercom systems, an AC power supply and a lithium-ion battery. 

Wireless systems equipped with lithium-ion batteries that last for longer and are hassle-free. The wired systems use AC power supply which requires a dedicated power source to keep the system active. 

8. Warranty of the Product

The last thing you need to check before buying a new home intercom system from the market is the warranty period offered by the brand. The warranty certificate mentions everything about the product. You should understand the clauses and provisions of the products and how you can avail the warranty from the manufacturer. Usually, longer warranty period is preferable.

Wrapping up

If you are planning to convert your home into an automation hub, then you must install a reliable home intercom system. No matter whether you work from home, or want to enhance the security of your home or keep an eye on your kids or elderly, a home intercom system is a right component for you. 

Before purchasing a new home intercom system, you need to check your basic requirements from the system first. Know the actual purpose of installing the system so that you can get the right and suitable home intercom system. 

You need to do a lot of homework to understand the different types of home intercom systems, their features, functionality and how you can control it. Research well, go through the buying guide and follow the steps to get the right home intercom system. 

Competition in the market is increasing rapidly and we have hundreds of options available in the market. Make sure you explore the market well and then decide which brand is right for you. If you have any queries, you can ask us anytime and we would be happy to help you out.

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