Choosing a Printer for Home: Simple Tips

Choosing a printer for the average user is often a relatively spontaneous decision. So, for example, if a laptop is chosen, then the parameters considered when buying will necessarily be: processor model, video card, permanent storage device (hard drive or SSD), RAM, laptop size. Advanced users will pay attention to the resolution and manufacturing technology of the matrix, the presence and convenience of the location of external interfaces, upgradeability, i.e. the ability to replace laptop components (processor, memory, video card).

In any case, when buying a laptop, alternatives will be considered from the beginning, the choice is narrowed down to a few within the budget, and then an informed purchase is made.

The purchase of a printer is another matter, if it is not a modern 3D printer, as a rule, the choice is limited to the printing technology, and the choice is made within the framework of two printing technologies: laser or inkjet, perhaps as priorities, there is still color printing. However, HP printers are considered safe for buying. You can check out HP printer deals at Impresoras HP.

Moreover, the choice made does not always coincide with that when the user is already in the store. If the required model is not available at the moment (or rather it will be if the purchase is made without a preliminary order), then the consultant can easily “sell” the model “even better”, but for some reason it is cheaper.

So let’s take a look at the technologies that can come in handy when choosing a home printer.


Printing technology

The choice will most likely be made between two technologies: inkjet or laser. You can dilute demagogy about the pros and cons, the amount of text that you plan to print, etc. The choice in favor of an inkjet printer can be made only in one case – if there is an acute shortage of money for a laser printer, that’s it.

Moreover, if you plan to print a lot and do not have enough money, then it is better to take a loan, borrow, but buy a laser one, because running an inkjet printer will be more expensive with every copy printed.

Print speed, resolution, color printing

The higher the print speed and the higher the resolution, the more expensive it is to print. Manufacturers may offer several of the same printer models, which differ only in print speed and resolution, as well as the ability to print in color. You should pay attention to the resolution only if graphics are printed, as, in principle, and in the presence of color printing, any printer will accept the text.

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All-in-one device or MFP (multifunction device)

It will differ from a simple printer by the presence of a scanner, a copier, and possibly a fax. If having a fax is not at all critical, then a scanner and copier are a good addition, especially considering the fact that no additional space is required.

As a rule, such devices will cost more than a simple printer, of course, with the same printing technology.

If finances allow, it is better to take an IFI. If you need to make a choice of a laser printer or an inkjet MFP, then take a laser printer, buy a scanner later.

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