Develop a design and technology platform for managing the creation of medical equipment

The creation of domestic competitive medical diagnostic equipment and the development of the medical industry are considered by the country’s leadership as one of the priority areas of economic modernization. The strategic importance of this area is dictated by a number of factors related to the need to address acute socio-economic problems.

Along with designing the hardware technology, you must also improve the software for your medical institutions. For example, intruding RIS PACS software could be a great development.

In the field of modernization of the health care system, an urgent task is to reduce the level of morbidity and mortality of the population. Among the main causes of morbidity and mortality, the first place is occupied by acute vascular disorders in the circulatory system: stroke, myocardial infarction, internal bleeding. The solution to this systemic problem requires equipping the country’s medical institutions with diagnostic devices and complexes that allow timely and reliable detection of disorders and pathologies in the circulatory system, as well as quality monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment.

The problem of creating and introducing mechanisms for publicly available high-quality medical care in our country in the context of a wide geographically distributed infrastructure and a shortage of qualified medical personnel in settlements remote from large cities can be solved through the intensive development of a network of telemedicine services.

In solving the problems of healthcare modernization under consideration, the key role is played by the use of universal and specialized high-performance computers and modern information and communication technologies. The development of these areas is also considered as the highest priority in the program of modernization of the country’s economy, in the formation and development of modern innovation infrastructure.

In the field of creating competitive medical technology and the development of the medical industry, the use of information technologies is associated with the need to solve a number of interdisciplinary problems. The competitiveness of the created medical equipment is determined by many factors, for the analysis and accounting of which it is necessary to involve highly qualified specialists and scientists with deep knowledge and experience in completely different subject areas.

The main factor in the competitiveness of the created medical equipment is the quality indicators determined by the diagnostic capabilities of the designed device or complex. Therefore, already at the stage of exploratory and pre-project research, the active participation of scientists and specialists in the field of biology, medicine, physical and technical methods of registration and signal processing, image visualization technologies with displaying diagnostic information in real-time is required.

In Russian conditions, an equally important factor in the competitiveness of the created medical equipment is an affordable price, training of medical personnel and service. The most important parameters for achieving a competitive price are reducing design costs, ensuring low manufacturing costs through standardization and unification of key technical solutions, as well as using the possibilities of import substitution of expensive and hard-to-find components. If you wish to read about Asterisk War Season 3, please click here.

Finally, one of the most important indicators that determine the level of competitiveness of the created innovative products in a dynamically changing market environment is the reduction of the product design cycle from idea to commercial application. To solve this problem, the leadership of the domestic healthcare industry envisages the creation of innovative centers for medical technology based on the cluster approach.

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