Come non apparire su Google. Delete personal information from Google.This describes how to request Google to remove certain types of personal information.


Step 1-Check if the information is subject to Google’s removal policy:

Google may remove a web page from search results under a voluntary removal policy if it contains the following types of personal information:

Information that may be deleted:

Bank account number.

Country-issued identification number.

Confidential personal medical records.

Handwritten signature image.

Nude or explicit sexual depiction images or videos shared without the consent of the individual

Other information that may pose a serious risk such as theft of personal information, financial fraud, etc.If the information is of any of the above types, proceed to the next step. However, the following information is not included in Google’s voluntary removal policy.

Birthday.Street number.Poor or unwanted images of the person, home, or family (excluding images with explicit sexual depictions or images posted without the consent of the person)Social media posts about recent injuries.If the information you want to remove isn’t part of Google’s voluntary removal policy, see our general removal page.

Step 2-Check where the information is displayed:

The next step depends on where the information is displayed.Not displayed on the website (that is, the page is no longer available or the information has been deleted):If the information appears in Google Search AutoComplete, find out how to report search suggestions.If the information doesn’t appear on your website, but still appears in Google search results (that is, it’s cached by Google), you’ll need to submit a request to remove old content. Be sure to provide the correct URL for the page (if you are a registered and confirmed site owner in the Search Console, request a URL removal request and follow the additional steps for website owners below. Please proceed to).

Website only

Not shown in Google search results:

If the information doesn’t appear in Google search results, but only on the website, unfortunately, there’s nothing Google can do. You will need to contact the site’s webmaster and ask them to remove the information. If you are the owner of the website, please see the additional steps for owners below.

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Both Google search results and website:

If your information is not subject to Google’s voluntary removal policy and appears on both our website and Google search results, please follow these troubleshooting steps to request a removal request. Be sure to provide the correct URL for the page. If you are the owner of the website, please see the additional steps for owners below.

If you are the owner of the website that hosts the content

If you need to remove the content of your website, you can take the following additional steps to prevent it from appearing in Google search results and remove the content from your site (in charge of running your website): If not, ask your site’s webmaster).

Identify the page hosting the information:

Check which folders or subdomains (URL patterns) of your website are involved.

Check if there is only one URL or multiple URLs. If you have more than one, have a list of all the URL patterns involved.Make sure you are using the correct URL for the page.

Hide page from Google search.Use the URL removal tool to prevent the page from appearing in Google search results. However, this action is temporary and you should always remove or block the information from the actual page. If you don’t change the actual site, the hidden pages may reappear in your search results. You can hide by page, directory, or site. See the URL removal tool documentation for more information. When you delete the content of your site, delete the cache for that page as well. If the content has already been deleted, delete only the cache.

Remove information from the site

Ask someone with the appropriate authority to change your website.

Delete or block the information in an appropriate way.

Remove information from page (safest).

Requires login.

Use the “noindex” tag to block pages from Google, or use robots.txt to block images from Google.

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