What Are The Services Provided By Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensics offers a full range of services in the area of computer forensics. Services provide include: Legal Services Offer criminal or Computer Forensic Services and help clients to determine the liability for crimes. Some of the services offered by the computer forensic services include; document recovery, data recovery and evidence recovery. These services need the best possible equipment, technology, facilities and personnel to conduct the most comprehensive investigation. They should also have the necessary training to conduct investigations and legal support services. These services are used to gather, organize, store, secure, compile, and disseminate evidence in criminal and civil court cases.


Incident Response And Legal Services

Incident response is an essential part of Computer Forensics, and it involves gathering, organizing and acting on information related to an incident. Many companies and government agencies conduct an investigation and provide incident response services. These services help protect the confidentiality of information, investigate the cause of the intrusion, and provide information to authorized personnel involved in the incident response. They also conduct litigation support and legal services in legal proceedings after an incident. In addition, many companies offer litigation support services, which include storing and retrieving documents, data, and voice samples.

Computer Penetration Testing

It is another area of investigation which computer forensic analysis takes care of. Computer Penetration Testing (CPT) is a process conducted to test the security of a network or computer system. This is done by determining the level of risk associated with any given system and evaluating the protection offered by that system to an unauthorized individual. Computer Penetration Testing may also be carried out for detecting security vulnerabilities in a computer network infrastructure. Many companies conduct penetration tests on their client’s systems to determine their level of risk and recommend patching or other remedial measures.

What are Data Recovery Services?

A data recovery service refers to the services provided by computer forensic experts to recover lost or stolen digital data from a computer or other electronic media device. Some of the common devices whose data can be recovered include digital video cameras, digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, personal digital recording (PDR) devices, computer servers, telephone /security / networked data storage devices, floppy disks, cd-ROMs, and other hard drive formats. These devices may be lost due to physical damage, deletion, formatting, virus attack, accidental deletion, formatting error, human error, or computer crash. When these devices face computer failure, a data recovery specialist can recover important information.

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What are Electronic Discovery Services?

Electronic Evidence Handling (EDH) is a specialized field of computer forensics that focuses on extracting digital information from computer systems and servers. EDH occurs when there is a need to determine whether meaningful evidence could be used in a court of law. Some of the services offered by an Electronic Evidence Handling expert include data recovery, data manipulation, system activity capture, and speech recognition. The data recovery performed by E DH professionals is frequently used in criminal cases to determine evidence presented in a court of law.

What are Identity Theft Services?

Computer forensic experts perform investigations to discover and recover lost or abused identities from computers or other media. Commonly, victims of identity theft may lose personal, business, and financial information that may be used to file fraudulent charges against them. In some instances, E DH professionals can also detect and prevent further unauthorized access to stored data. Additionally, these professionals can help law enforcement officials see and prosecute identity thieves and other criminal suspects.

Final Words;

Computer Forensics and crime scene investigation are typically offered by private companies that work for the government by providing these services to agencies and law enforcement officers. Many private companies provide these services. Often these companies will refer to themselves as digital imaging specialists, video analysts, crime scene investigators, digital communication specialists, or forensic digital information recovery technicians. Government agencies often contract private companies to conduct these services because their services are often used to supplement their in-house investigations. In some instances, federal agencies require the assistance of an outside company to conduct surveillance, collect evidence, and make laboratory examinations to determine the nature of various computer crimes.

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