How to Set Caller Tune in Airtel without Wynk Music?

Airtel is one of the most popular cellular service providers in India. Apart from offering great call and data plans, Airtel also provides some amazing features that are not available on other networks. One of these features is the ability to set a caller tune for your phone without using Wynk Music. In this blog post, we will show you How to Set Caller Tune in Airtel without Wynk Music?.


What is a Caller Tune? Features of Airtel Caller Tunes

When a person calls you, he will hear your caller tune instead of the usual ringing sound. What is a caller tune? Airtel caller tune features lets you set ringback tones for your phone number. This means that when someone calls you, they can listen to a song or music chosen by yourself as ringback tone and not just the ringing sound.

There are many different ways to set your Airtel caller tone. You can either choose a song from the Airtel Music library or use any of your favorite songs as your ring-back tone. If you have an Android phone, you can also download the Airtel Caller Tone app and set your favorite song as your ringback tone.

The best part about Airtel caller tunes is that you can set it for free! You don’t need to subscribe to any special plan or package, and there are no extra charges for using this feature. So why wait? Set your favorite song as your ring-back tone today and enjoy the new level of rationalization.

Complete Step by Step Process

First, open the Airtel app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner to open the menu. Then, select Settings and Caller Tune.

Now, you will see a list of all the available caller tunes on Airtel. To set one of these as your phone’s caller tune, simply select it and then press Set As Caller Tune.

If you want to use a song from your own music library instead of one of the pre-selected caller tunes, just follow these steps:

Open the Airtel app and go to Settings > Caller Tune. Tap on Choose From My Library and then select the song that you want to use as your caller tune. Press Set As Caller Tune and you’re all set!

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How to Set Personalized Ringtone?

Now, whenever someone calls your number they will hear the song that you have chosen to play instead of ringing. If there are multiple people who use one phone number (such as family members), each person can set their own caller tune so that it plays when they call other people’s phones too.

You don’t need any special equipment or software to get this feature working – just make sure everyone has downloaded Airtel’s app onto their smartphone and then follow these steps:

Open up Airtel on another device than your own and go into Settings > Caller Tune. Tap Set My Number As Caller Tune Toggle switch next to Enable Personalized Ringtone For All Calls from This Device which should be green if it’s turned on.

Now that you know how to set caller tune in Airtel without Wynk music, we hope it will be easy for you!

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