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You have reached the right place if you have been looking for Spotify Premium Mod Apk in order to enjoy Spotify Premium for free. This post will provide you with the current Spotify Premium Apk Version.

Spotify is quite common with music lovers and regular users are quite aware about how irritating the free version of the software is. This is because users can skip a maximum of 6 songs per hour and innumerable advertisements pop-up during this period which spoils the mood of a person who has been listening to a song on this application.

I can help you with this problem by offering you with Spotify Premium Apk which will help you in listening to innumerable songs of your choice and ensure that no advertisements pop up while listening to music. You can easily use this version of Spotify Mod Apk with additional features without paying for the premium subscription.


Why Spotify Premium?

Unlimited Downloads

Download unlimited music & listen anywhere you want.

Ad-free Experience

No annoying or pop-up ads anymore with Spotify Premium mod

Play any song

Play any song and supports Smart TVs and even Mobiles

Unlimited Skips

Skip as many songs as you want.

Now, the question which will come to your mind is ‘Why Spotify Premium?’ The answer to this question is that a Spotify Premium Account gives you easy access to the largest music library on your smart device. It is a streaming application for music which every music lover must use as it has many important features to offer.

It is a company based in United States and London which has designed multiple playlists comprising of songs which are suitable for your different moods. The application comprises of songs that have been classified in all top 50 charts. It also has a streaming service which will let you enjoy to the best available podcasts online.

A free version of Spotify Premium App can be downloaded and installed from the Android’s Play Store on which advertisements pop-up after a number of songs have played. Also, with this version you cannot download the songs to hear them while you are offline. Therefore, you must have the Spotify Premium APK to get an ad-free version of this application.

Apart from this, you can also stream music of the best quality and also download the songs you would love to listen when offline. You can also find a premium trial for 3 months free of cost to test and try. One have to pay less than $15 after completion of the 3rd month.

What is Spotify Premium Apk?

spotify premium apk

Spotify Premium Apk serves as the Modified version for Spotify Official Android App. It allows you to use the Spotify Premium Features without any cost letting the users play innumerable podcasts and songs without being interrupted by any advertisements.

Download Spotify Premium

Benefits of using our Spotify Premium Apk

There are a number of benefits of listening songs on Spotify Premium Apk. They are:-

  • Listening to songs of the best quality at a bit rate of 320 kbps so that you have a memorable music listening experience.
  • In the free version, you cannot skip songs but with Spotify Premium you can easily do so for unlimited times.
  • No advertisements will pop-up in this version.
  • You can download unlimited number of songs on the Spotify app and also listen to them when offline or when you fall short of data.
  • You can listen to as many tracks or podcasts as you like.
  • You need not root your smart phone for using Spotify Mod APK. You simply need to download, install and use the app as per your will.

Isn’t it good if you can play your favorite songs on your tablet and smartphone? You can easily listen to podcasts, playlists, albums and music irrespective of your location. Using Spotify Mod Apk helps you in accessing a huge library of podcasts, artists, playlists and music which you love. You can also create your own playlist with trending songs, you can listen to the artists you are crazy about and you can also discover new podcasts and music all at no cost.

Music lovers!!! Get ready to listen to songs on your Android smart phones just with a click by downloading the Spotify Premium Apk. Users who download the Apk get access to Spotify Pro features which are safer to use and is also the best application to be used on an Android device. Today, more than 1 million individuals are using the application without paying for it. So, download it and enjoy listening to music online and also download the ones you wish to. The collection is incredible and is available in different languages also.

Features Of Spotify Premium Apk

Users choose an application based on the uniqueness of its features. Thus, some of the cool features that will lure you into downloading Spotify Premium have been discussed below. A number of new features have also been added to the application and the latest ones have been given below.

High Quality Audio

Spotify Premium comes with amazing Audio quality which is the key benefit of downloading Spotify Premium APK. Its premium version offers its listeners with outstanding Audio Quality of 320kbs bit rate and the free version offers only 96kbps of quality.

This seems to be a significant improvement and the ones on an audiophile can identify it instantly. Spotify is a popular streaming giant and has collaboration with AAA artists for creating premium recordings for Spotify Sessions. Spotify Premium members can listen to these high-quality recordings free of cost.

Spotify Connect

You can find Spotify Premium on a number of devices and platforms like iOS and Android; Smart speaker like Google Home and Amazon Alexa; Smart TV; Computer like Linux, Mac and Windows and Console like Xbox and PS4. Spotify Premium has a data sync feature which lets its users control the songs that play on their device from another device. For instance, users can control the music which plays on their PC through their smartphone. Yes! This is very-very impressive.

Unlimited Downloads

One must note that unlimited download is the most exceptional feature associated with Spotify Mod APK which lets the users downloads the songs they are crazy about. The Spotify standard version does not allow this but with Spotify Premium irrespective of the size of the playlist; you can download unlimited songs and go on a downloading spree. Today, every company is offering unlimited and cheap data plans which do not require people to listen to offline music. However, people may love to listen to music when they are in some remote place or they do not have any internet connection.

Ad-Free Experience

Advertisements that pop-up while an application is running seem to be very annoying which disturbs the users to a great extent. This problem is also common to Spotify but the premium version ensures that the users do not have to face these advertisements. This is because it is the modified premium version which removes all the ads immediately. This will surely be your favorite feature as no one likes disturbing ads.

Listen Anywhere / Listen Offline

It has already been stated above that the premium version allows you to download unlimited number of songs and you can simply store them and listen to them wherever you are. You do not have to re-download them whenever you are travelling to another area. The downloaded songs get saved offline on your device so that they can be listened you when offline.

Unlimited skips

Unlimited Skips is a feature unique to the Premium Spotify version where users can browse the playlist without playing the songs users do not like. In the standard version, you can skip only a limited number of songs. Thus, on skipping some of the songs, you will not be able to do so again and will be forced to listen to the song that is being played automatically.

Unlimited Shuffle Play and Repeat

Spotify Mod APK offers its users with unlimited repeats and shuffles so that they can replay songs without any limitations.

No Root is required

Good news is that users do not have to root their Android devices to use the premium version. This means you can easily use the app even when you have a new device which you haven’t rooted.


MagicVibes is by far the best website for downloading the latest version of Spotify Premium Apk. This is because the app is always personally checked before the download link is provided to the users. This is to verify is the app is safe to be used and is free from virus.

Spotify Premium APK has a number of unique features which free app users do not have access to. So, what is keeping you waiting? Hurry up and download the current version of Spotify Premium Mod using the link given below and relish a hassle free experience even without paying for any subscription plans.

Apart from unlimited podcasts and music, you can hear Audiobooks, soundtracks suitable for various occasions and Poetry also. Spotify Premium Apk also works in countries where use of Spotify is banned.

Download Spotify Premium

Download Spotify premium mod for your PC?

Generally, people listen to songs on their smart mobile devices, but there are some who listen to their favorite songs on their PC while working in their offices. These users can directly download the Spotify app on their PC or laptop but will be accessing only some of the features of Spotify premium mod Apk.

Frequently Asked Quality

What is Spotify Premium APK?

People usually feel unsafe while downloading this Apk file of the application and have to think again and again before they download it. Some of the websites have insecure Apk files but the ones shared by us are safe. So, do not think before downloading from the link given above.

Is hacked Spotify safe?

People usually feel unsafe while downloading this Apk file of the application and have to think again and again before they download it. Some of the websites have insecure Apk files but the ones shared by us are safe. So, do not think before downloading from the link given above.

Why does anti-virus give alert?

The reason behind this is quite simple, the Spotify application which is downloaded from the app store comprises of a signature different from the Premium Apk. Addition of premium disables the checking of signature and writes a different signature. Spotify is a top global grossing application on every app store and the anti-virus is registered with signatures of the Spotify version downloaded from the app store. Thus, anti-virus simply alerts you that the App does not belong to the app store. You can discard this as you are aware that the Spotify APK is unique and comprises of premium.

How do I download Latest Spotify Premium APK?

The current version of Spotify premium mod Apk can be downloaded from magicvibes.co and the download link has also been updated after the latest free version has been released on Play store. Users can also join the telegram channel for getting updates about Spotify premium Apk.


By now your search for Spotify Premium Apk must be complete. Today, all details about Spotify Mod Apk have been shared with you all who will make it easier for you to use the application without having a Spotify account. If you have liked this article on Spotify Apk, then please share it with your friends and family. We will keep on updating the application so that you can have the latest version with all the updates.

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