Window, Door and Glass Manufacturing Software

To remain competitive and be successful every manufacturer must aim and reach their highest performance at every level. This is more than making the most efficient product. It’s about delivering high-quality products, on time and at an affordable price. It’s about being at the forefront of technology, and linking everything together using the latest advancements in automated processes at each stage: customer, financial and manufacturing.


Flat-Glass Items

Window and door manufacturing software and other flat-glass items (such like shower enclosures and heavy-glass fixtures) have to face the same issues as other producers. Management of orders, inventory control and planning, control of production along with scheduling, finance, and production control are all essential requirements.

Specifications of Customer

The majority (if most, but certainly not all) products are constructed according to the specifications of the customer, which could vary from order to order basis. Dimensions as well as colors and configurations could differ for every job or order.

Windows manufacturers typically don’t deal directly with the customer. They have to take orders from dealers and offer additional support to these dealers to ensure the loyalty of their customers. Additionally, they should be able to provide quick estimates to their dealers who may also be in a competitive position.

Glass & Extrusions

As the majority of goods are custom-designed, it’s crucial to maximize the utilization in the use of “cut-to-size” materials such as glass and extrusions to maximize yield as well as reduce the overall cost of materials.

Friedman Frontier ERP Software

Friedman Frontier ERP software helps producers of doors, windows and screens attain peak performance.

Frontier is a customized ERP that provides a full solution that includes:

  • Parametric configuration
  • 3D product engineering
  • Rendering and modeling
  • Dealers can access the Internet to create quotations and place orders
  • User-defined and dynamic scheduler that is user-defined and dynamic.

In addition, you get all the essential manufacturing capabilities, functions and benefits are provided by the integrated ERP product.

Medium Size Fabricators

Window production software is specifically designed specifically for small to medium size fabricators.The orders you receive from your trade customers or your internal Sales Department integrate seamlessly into your factory’s software, thereby reducing the need to enter orders twice.

The work that is presented and presented by the salesperson, and then revised by the surveyor is shipped directly to the manufacturing facility for production. This reduces administration and assures a smooth transition from quote to production, and reduces the chance of errors during the ordering process.

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Most Popular Solution

Manufacturing of doors and windows and also fabrication of facades and interior construction have particular demands for logistics. TRAMPAS is the most popular solution for scheduling and routing, TRAMPAS has standard interfaces to ERP systems, which include layouts for industries such as CANTOR for instance and, as such, assures seamless integration.

Digital Solutions for Building

The SPOC is a European SPOC in calculation tools for Windows, doors, as well as other products. You help in determining the EU strategy for the digital solutions for building. You sketch out the landscape of window and door calculation software within the EU and conduct benchmarks. You keep a close connection with the software houses along with machine manufacturers and other players in the process of making windows.

They define and record ideas, challenges and issues. You create and execute action plans to develop digital solutions, line with IT. You provide the support of closed-software solutions that you bring to the market.

Product Support Manager Europe

You make sure that the software company databases are current with the most recent developments in their product ranges. You keep track of changes and put money into knowledge and the preparation of BIM. You work with the Technical product manager and product support manager Europe.

Most Common Issues

The majority of the decisions that affect the ability to manufacture are made earlier during the design process of a new product, so care must be given to ensure that the least-cost production method is chosen. Each minute that is spent on the factory floor adds to a cost increase for the end product. This Manufacturing WEG is intended to offer OEM as well as ODM suppliers with a blueprint of the perfect manufacturing process that combines hardware and software at the floor of factories. The WEG will also provide ways to simplify the process, as well as guidance on how to prepare for and avoid the most common issues.

Last Words:

BTS devices contain images that can be customized mostly within the laboratory. BTS processes are easier to design and create and are quicker on the factory floor. They also offer better quality control and are controlled in disk size. BTS devices have to permit late breaking adjustments at factories floor. For desktop versions that include Windows 10 and Windows 11 the majority of these adjustments are possible to make by using offline service.

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