Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 USD [2021]

Bought a brand-new Smart TV? Looking for a compatible speaker to enhance the sound quality of the TV? If your answer is somewhere near Yes, then you are in the right place. The market’s best floor standing speakers under 500 USD are enlisted here with their in-depth reviews.

When you buy a new Television, you would notice that the overall audio output of the TV is not good. The built-in speakers of the TV deliver decent audio output which you may feel not good. If you don’t want to compromise with the sound quality of your newly bought television, then you must use an external speaker along with your TV.

With high competition in the market, there are many types of floor standing speakers available in the market which you should buy to use alongside your TV. Out of all the different types of Speakers, Floor Standing Speakers are highly recommended by the experts if you want to experience theatre-like entertainment.

To help you choose the right speaker, here we have picked the best tower speakers under 500 from world-class brands. The following speakers are highly reliable and they are designed to suit your basic demands of enhancing the overall audio output of your Television set.

For new buyers, we have also prepared a detailed buying guide for floor standing speakers. If you are not aware of the floor standing speakers and want to get the best of information about them, then the detailed buying guide will help you to gain all the knowledge about the different types of floor standing speakers, their functionality and features and everything else you might want to know about.

Before we jump on to the buying guide, let’s get on to the list of the Best Floor Speakers Under 500 Reviews now!


Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 USD – Reviews

1. Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker

best floor speakers under 500


  • World’s best-selling floor standing loudspeaker designed by Andrew Jones.
  • Delivers high-performance with exceptional quality.
  • Sophisticated crossover to mix-up the perfect music for you.
  • Produces high bass for each volume settings.
  • Clean and clear trebles.
  • Value for money products from the trusted brand.
  • Backed by the limited manufacturer warranty.

Build Quality & Design
Build Quality & Design

The Pioneer SP-FS51 Floor Standing Loudspeaker is designed by the expert in the industry, Andrew Jones. Pioneer is a well-known and most trusted brand in the world when it comes to buying a new audio system.

The company has been offering a range of music systems and audio systems for music lovers of all kinds. If you are planning to buy a new Floor Standing Loudspeaker, then Pioneer’s SP-FS52 is the best option for you.

The SP-FS51 Flood Standing Speakers are relatively smaller in size but offer great audio quality. These professional-grade speakers are well made by professional craftsmen. The cabinets of these speakers are made from high-quality materials. They are designed to last for years.

All the useful components such as bass, crossover, etc. are very well equipped inside the cabinet. The cabinets are covered with black grills to improve its overall looks and protect the components from dust. These grills are detachable, you can easily remove them to fix the issues and can re-attach them whenever needed.


If we consider the price tag of this floor standing audio system, then they deliver the best of audio quality compared to other brands within the same range. The speakers are equipped with three woofers which work with the perfectly designed crossover to deliver the best of audio quality.

In most volumes and modes, the built-in bass of these speakers delivers high bass. It blends perfectly well with most genres of music. You don’t need to add an external subwoofer to improve the bass quality. The built-in bass is enough to deliver high audio with sharp quality.


These floor standing speakers are designed to work with the Television’s home theatre system. You can use them to boost the audio quality of the existing speaker system.

Unfortunately, you would not get many connectivity options on these speakers. The only connections you would get are two ports for bare wires and home theatre connections. There are no additional ports offered by the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons


  • Delivers good sound with enhanced bass and well-defined.
  • Smooth crossover.
  • Great build quality.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Easy connection with the home theatre system.


  • Lacks extra connectivity features.
  • Some people would find the build quality of the cabinets cheap.

2. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

best tower speakers under 500


  • Known for delivering clear and crisp sound.
  • Comes as a singular speaker.
  • Simple floor standing design with no additional accessories required.
  • High-quality wooden-made cabinet.
  • 4-driver speaker system for premium quality sound.
  • Easy to connect with quick connection option.

Build Quality & Design
Build Quality & Design

Being an industry leader, Sony knows how to attract new consumers. The brand is known for providing quality products which is why it is the most trusted one in this competitive market.

The Sony SSSC3 carries a super-sleek design with a top-standing positioning. With its rectangular shape, you can place it anywhere in your room as it occupies very little space. The design matches well with your Smart Television or home theatre system with its black body.

It’s a 3-way audio system allowing users to combine it with other music devices and components easily. Design-wise, this floor standing speaker is very portable. You can move it around easily with no external force or efforts. It is also light in weight.

The cabinet equips premium-end components to deliver the best of premium quality audio. It uses a silicone steel plate woofer which adds up extra sound quality to enhance the overall music experience from the connected music system.

All the connectivity ports of this system are made from high-grade materials, you will never have any issues with the build quality of this speaker ever in the future.


The Sony SSCS3 is designed to suit your needs to experience the best of music and feel the theatre-like experience. The singular top-standing speaker combines all the premium-end components to deliver the audio you want. The audio system is designed to fill the entire room with sharp and soothing music.

The speaker is engineered to deliver high-frequency audio by combining with output with other components. The audio response of this speaker system is 50 kHz which delivers the best of sound quality.

Moreover, the Speaker has built-in mica-reinforced drivers. These powerful drivers are there to capture every single bit produced from the system. A dual woofer system is also included in this singular speaker to enhance the sound quality. The bass is located downside attached to the floor for delivering powerful bass response as per your music needs.


Sony is a leading brand in the industry with a range of all types of audio devices and music systems with many other electronics products to give you the best of entertainment.

Being a singular top-standing speaker, the Sony SSCS3 can be connected with Sony’s music systems and devices easily. You will get two audios out connectivity options at the backside of the speaker for quick connections with other music systems. You can use it as a standalone speaker as it equips all the useful components including the powerful bass.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple top-standing design.
  • Equips with premium-end bass and useful components.
  • Delivers sharp and high audio.
  • Solid construction designed to last for years.
  • Affordable pricing for everyone.
  • Can be combined with other music systems and devices.


  • Some users are complaining about the poor performance of the built-in bass.

3. Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floor standing Speaker

best floor standing speakers under 500


  • Designed to reproduce high-end sound quality mixed with perfectly blend bass and treble.
  • Elegant black design with a premium look.
  • Simplistic design stands well on the floor or the table.
  • No special accessories required.
  • Comes with easy connection option
  • Detachable front-grill for easy cleaning
  • Well-balanced dome tweeter.
  • Delivers best of audio quality with subwoofer.

Build Quality and Design
Build Quality and Design

The Yamaha NS-F210 is a 2-way bass-reflex floor standing speaker designed to work with the flat TVs and home theatre systems. Yamaha is known for its quality products which is why it is the most recommended brand in the world when it comes to buying a new music system.

With robust build quality, the speaker is designed to last for years. It is made from high-grade wooden materials. The black finish design of the speaker makes it look more premium. The speaker features 3.1” cone woofers for reproducing sharp and quality sound combined with the built-in tweeter.

All the components and parts of this speaker are premium-quality ones. Steel bass anchor speaker stand, large screw speaker terminals, detachable front grille are there to give you the best of music performance.

The design of this speaker is very simple just like other floor standing models. It has a super slim design to match up well with your current Television system. You can combine this speaker with other music systems to enhance the overall sound quality. It has a flat base so that you can place it anywhere you want with no special tools and accessories.


Yamaha’s Speakers are known for delivers high-end audio quality which is why most professional users do recommend new buyers to go with Yamaha’s music system.

Being a new generation floor standing speaker, this speaker equips with all the useful components to reproduce the best of sound quality with adjustable audio output. The maximum power handling of this speaker is 120W. You can use it with a wide range of speaker systems and amplifiers.

Moreover, the overall frequency response of this speaker is 50 Hz to 45 kHz. The high-frequency response rate of the speaker makes it more compatible with a variety of high-bass systems. It’s an ideal option for those who are searching for a speaker to add theatre-like music experience.


Floor Standing Speakers come with limited connectivity options and for that reason, you can’t use them as a standalone speaker just like other music systems. The floor standing speaker is designed to work with the Television set or the existing home theatre system.

The speaker features two connecting ports to connect it with the existing television with a wired connection. It doesn’t offer anything else, just the two ports.

Pros and Cons


  • Great build quality.
  • Equips high-end components.
  • Super slim and portable design.
  • Elegant design matches well with the existing home theatre or television system.
  • High-quality aluminium cone woofers with balanced dome-tweeter.
  • Up to 120W of power handling for extensive music output.


  • If you have a large room, then this floor standing speaker might not give you the audio output you want. It is a suitable speaker for medium-sized rooms only.

4. Polk Audio TSi400 4-Way Tower Speakers with Three 5-1/4″ Drivers

best floor standing speakers under 500


  • Delivers distortion-free and crystal-clear audio.
  • Elegant wooden gloss finish design.
  • Very portable.
  • Offers the best of surrounding sound with high-quality components.
  • Compatible with most audio systems and television sets.
  • Detachable grill for cleaning up the components easily

Build Quality & Design
Build Quality & Design

If you are looking for a premium-end and stylish speaker to enhance the audio quality of your television, then Polk Audio’s TSi400 is the best choice for you in the market. Polk Audio is yet another popular brand in the industry with a range of all types of music systems and speakers to suit your needs.

The design of this floor standing audio system is compact that can be placed anywhere in your room. It features four standing legs to support the base and the overall weight of the system and its components.

Well, a balanced cabinet features all the audio components at the precise location to reproduce the audio and generate surrounding sound. The cabinets are made from high-grade medium density fiberboard materials. The body features a glossy finish that adds up an extra premium look.

The elegant look of this speaker is designed to match with your brand-new television set or home theatre system. With a quick connection, it takes only a couple of minutes to install. It doesn’t ask for any prior knowledge or special technical knowledge.


The Polk Audio’s TSi400 Floor Standing Speaker is designed to deliver powerful, sharp and room-shaking sound within a small space of your room. If you are someone who is fond of watching movies on a Television set, then this is the best perfect addition for your system to boost the overall sound.

The company has used all the high-end components inside the cabinet to deliver ultra-premium and crystal-clear sound blend with perfect bass and treble. With built-in three woofers, the speakers deliver high bass with enhanced sound. It also features a silk-dome tweeter to reproduce the output.

The ability to combine these speakers with other systems makes it more versatile for external use. You can combine this audio system with other home theatre systems using the wired connection to produce even high sound.

You don’t need to go with the expensive and big-sized audio systems as the Polk Audio’s TSi400 has got everything to give you the best of performance under a budget price without compromising with the extra space.


The connection panel is located at the backside of the speakers with two red and two black output options. You can make use of these output connections to connect the speakers with external systems or home theatre or directly with your Television set.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide frequency range.
  • Quick connection option.
  • Premium look.
  • Portable design.
  • Backed by the company’s limited 5 years of warranty.
  • 60-days guarantee.


  • If you are fond of listening to different variations of music, then this speaker might not be the right option for you.

5. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

best tower speakers under 500


  • Special bass-reflex design for immersive music quality.
  • High-frequency rate.
  • Super slim design occupies small floor space.
  • Designed with the latest dynamic balance technology.
  • Produces high bass to match with your expectations.
  • Compatible with almost all the external music systems as well as amplifiers.
  • Offers crystal-clear sound blend with bass and treble.

Build Quality & Design
Build Quality & Design

You can easily get to know about the build quality of a product just by looking at the brand name. When it comes to the build quality of the tower speaker, the Polk Audio’s Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker is made from high-grade durable materials.

The compact-sized design of this speaker equips all the high-end components with four external subwoofers. You can expect the best of sound quality from the vertically aligned speakers. With well-organized components, this tower speaker is designed to deliver powerful sound quality.

It is also very portable making it easier for the users to transport it freely. The speaker is crafted from non-resonant medium density fiberboard. The materials used by the manufacturer extends the overall life of the enclosure to deliver exceptional sound quality for a lifetime.

It features a dome-tweeter equipped with 6.5” drivers for reproducing and enhancing the overall sound quality. It is designed with the company’s patented dynamic balance technology combined with quality drivers’ materials to get you the best of sound.


Unlike the other speakers, the Polk Audio’s 70 Series 2 Tower Speakers are designed with the latest Dynamic Balance Technology to deliver exceptional quality music that you may have never experienced before from an ordinary-looking speaker.

The entire body of these speakers is magnetically shielded so there will be no loss of quality or any interruptions. The advanced Technology fetches the right components as per the music you are playing to reduce the audio distortion and its overall performance.

What’s unique about this tower speaker is it is compatible with almost all types of amplifiers and external music systems. You can use it or can combine with external systems with the wired connection. It’s a perfect choice for those who are looking for a premium-end tower speaker for their drawing-room. The high-quality sound with surrounding output fills up the entire room to experience the live performance of music.


Being a premium-quality tower speaker, the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series 2 Tower Speakers feature dual 5-way binding posts for a seamless connection. With quick connectivity options, you can easily install it with the existing Television set or can combine with the current music system to experience the best of sound.

Pros and Cons


  • Designed with the latest Dynamic Balance Technology.
  • Slim and portable design.
  • Compatible with a range of audio devices.
  • Magnetically shield body.


  • A little expensive.

These are the market’s best floor standing speakers under 500. The above list contains all the top-rated tower speakers from the trusted brands. We have also provided in-depth reviews of each floor standing speakers to make the selection process more convenient for the new buyers.

If you still confused and can’t decide which floor standing speaker from the above list is suitable for you, then here we have prepared a detailed buying guide for you. The new users with zero knowledge about the floor standing speakers should follow this buying guide and all the useful information enlisted below to make a wise choice.

Floor Standing Speakers Buying Guide

What are floor standing speakers?

With so many options available in the market, one can’t choose the right speaker to use with their existing home theatre system or newly-bought television. A floor standing speaker is nothing but an ordinary speaker with a unique top-standing design which you can place directly on the floor.

A floor standing speaker is also known as tower speaker just because of its tower-like design. The enclosure of the speaker equips several audio components to produce the best of sound quality.

Unlike the full home theatre system, a floor standing speaker directly attaches to your television with a simple wired connection. You can also use the same speaker for external use as it can easily combine with external audio systems through built-in connectivity option. They are reliable, powerful and designed to fill your room with live performance audio.

Things to Consider While Buying New Floor Standing Speakers

Floor Standing Speakers have seen a drastic change over the past few months as more and more manufacturers come in with their new range of speakers. The market is getting more competitive day by day with hundreds of options from different brands.

Modern floor standing speakers redesigned with the latest technology to offer the best of sound that you may have never experienced before. Since the competition is high, manufacturers are adopting new ways to attract buyers. They use different technologies, unique audio components, specialized designs, and more.

For the very same reason, it is almost impossible for the new buyers to decide which floor standing speaker is the best option for them. To pick the perfect floor standing speaker from the market, you need to go through the list of the things which you must consider before finalizing on a particular model. Get on to the list of things to look for before you buy a new tower speaker from the market.

1.The build Quality

The first thing you need to check is the construction quality of the cabinet. Every new buyer needs to check the build quality of the product. The construction of the cabinet must be anti-resonant that should not be over vibrate.

Some manufacturers pay very close attention while constructing the cabinet as it is the key selling point that will decide the actual output and sound quality of the speaker.

While checking out the build quality, you should also check the safety features to safeguard the cabinet. Check for the availability of the legs to support the base. There should also be easy-to-hold handles for transporting the speaker comfortably.

The cabinet of the floor standing speakers may vary from brand to brand as they are designed with specific audio output. You need to check the overall audio output, 2-way speakers, 3-way speakers, etc. should also be checked.

2. The Size of the Speaker

Floor Standing Speakers or Tower Speakers don’t ask for extra space in your drawing room as they are carrying a simple tower-type design. However, the sizes of speakers from brand to brand are different which must be checked if you have limited space to place the speaker.

If you are constructing a new house and designing a special cabinet to place the tower speaker, then you should first check the actual size of the speaker so that you won’t have to replace it to match up with the cabinet that you have designed.

If you have a big room with an extra-large space to cover up, then you should go with the big-sized speaker. A bigger size tower speaker features multiple speakers, unique components, extra bass or sub-woofer, etc. You need to check the size of the speaker while considering the other components of it to get the perfect sound quality.

3. Availability of the Drivers

Floor standing speakers or tower speakers feature a series of drivers to deliver the best of sound quality. Different floor standing speakers use different types of drivers and for that reason, the sound quality of each speaker is different from the other. It requires you to be a little technical only then you can get the speaker with a suitable set of drivers.

If we talk about the most common drivers of the floor standing speaker, then they carry four types of drivers which are the most common types. The different types of drivers and their functionalities are enlisted below:

Tweeter Drivers: Tweeter Drivers are small in size but it is the main component to decide the overall quality of the sound. They emit high-frequency sound from different ranges to match up with the sound of your choice. The frequency range starts from 2,000 to 30,0000 Hz.

Midrange Drivers: Midrange drivers deliver medium sound with the frequency range from 500 to 2,000 Hz.

Woofer Drivers: Woofer Drivers design the overall sound quality of the speakers. If you want to have high sound from the speakers, then the woofer drivers must be of premium-grade. They are there with low-frequency sound ranging from 40 to 1,000 Hz.

Sub-woofer Drivers: The sub-woofer drivers on the floor standing speakers are ranging from 20 to 200 Hz.

4. Connectivity

Wire connection terminal of the floor-standing speaker should also be considered if you are buying a new floor-standing speaker for a specific use. The tower speakers are using building post terminals and spring clips terminals. Spring clip terminals can be found on the low-end floor standing speakers.

Building post terminals are there on the high-end speakers. Most brands now offer building post terminals for making quick connections between the systems and audio devices. However, you should check the connectivity terminals before you finalize the system.

5. Specifications

Each speaker is different from the other and for that reason, you need to check the specifications of them carefully. You need to check out the few specifications of the floor standing speakers such as the frequency response rate, frequency range, and the capability of the speaker.

Apart from this, you need to keep an eye on the audio components placed inside the cabinet of the speaker. Each component is there for specific use which you need to know about. The more the components inside the cabinet, the better the audio quality of the speaker would be.

6. Warranty

The only reason why you should all go with the world-class brand is they offer a good warranty. The floor standing speakers are backed by the limited warranty of up to 5 years. However, to attract the new buyers, you need to pick the speaker backed by a longer warranty period and as well as a replacement guarantee of up to 60 days.

7. Budget

Since there are hundreds of floor standing speakers present in the market from different brands, the pricing for each speaker is different and so do their specifications.

If you are searching for a new floor standing speaker under a budget price tag, then there are so many options which you can choose from. You can also check or compare the pricing of the best-selling floor standing speakers from different brands to get a reliable speaker under the budget price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use an external amplifier with the floor standing speaker?

Powerful speaker requires support for an external amplifier to amplify the output of the audio produced by the speakers. If you have a less powerful speaker for normal use, then you need not use the external amplifier with the speaker.

Do I need to use an external subwoofer alongside?

Some brands offer floor standing speakers equipped with a built-in sub-woofer to produce better sound. It fulfils the need for an external sub-woofer so you need not buy or use an external one. However, not all brands offer sub-woofer inside the cabinet. Depending on your needs, you can use the external sub-woofer with an additional wired connection.

Do floor standing speakers use USB inputs?

Only a few brands offer extra connectivity speakers. If you go with the premium-end floor standing speaker, then you can expect it to have the USB input port to make it more versatile.

Will my Floor Standing Speaker features a standard 3.5 mm Audio Jack?

As noted above, you will get several external connectivity features on the high-end speakers. Floor standing speakers are designed to support the existing speaker system of your newly bought television or the home theatre system that you already have installed.

However, some manufactures offer floor standing speakers that can be used as a standalone audio system. You can play directly through the standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

Can I expect Wireless Connectivity on the Floor Standing Speakers?

Apparently, no! The majority of floor standing speaker manufacturers don’t offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth I.e. wireless connectivity features. However, you can get these high-end connectivity features on the powered speakers.

You need to check the list of specs and features from the description page to see whether the speaker offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features.

Final Words

If you closely explore the speaker market, then you would get to know about the most popular brands of the market with their top-rated products from the real users. After researching for hours, we have compiled the list of the best budget floor standing speakers under 500 Dollar with built-in subwoofer from the world-class brand.

No matter whether you are an expert or a newbie, we have provided enough information about the best-selling and budget-friendly tower speakers in this article.

For beginners, we have provided a detailed buying guide with the list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Go through the reviews of each floor standing speaker, follow the detailed buying guide and you should be able to pick the most reliable floor standing speaker to suit your entertainment needs!

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