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Flyingtogether: Being the major airline in the U.S. United Airlines is currently the third largest airline company in the entire world. Recently, the company has United Internat, a platform that allows its employees to log in and check their work-related information. The service that enables the employees to login to their employee accounts to find information on various stuff such as employee benefits, check your work schedule, view or edit your profile information, etc.

Only those people who are working in the United Airlines as an employee are allowed to log in on the portal. The firm develops the United Airlines Skynet Intranet to make it easier for the employees to gain information related to their work and be able to coordinate with other coworkers effectively.

By the end of this article, you will learn how to login to your United Airlines Intranet portal. Before we dive into the process, please keep in mind that Flying Together / Intranet is exclusive to United Airlines employees only.

If you’re not an official employee or affiliated to the company in any way, then you’ll just end wasting your time since the portal doesn’t let other users to login.

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Log in to FlyingTogether Intranet Login

You need to have the following criteria to be able to access the portal and login to your employee account. Moreover, you’re free to use whatever device you want, such as smartphones, PC, tablets, etc. Just ensure the following requirements are met, and you’re good to go!

united flyingtogether

  • Any web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Internet connection, quite obvious, isn’t it?
  • Officially registered employee profile in United Airlines company.
  • Lastly, a little bit of time and effort, of course.

Go ahead and follow the rest of the steps to get into your United Airlines employee account to access a wide range of information.

Log in to United Airlines Flying Together

Please be aware that Flying Together Intranet portal is highly sensitive. Therefore, it’s recommended to log in only on your personal devices with a private internet connection. Rest, you may go ahead with the following steps to sign in to your United Airlines employee account.

united intranet login

  1. Visit the official FlyingTogether login portal ( using a web browser on your device by clicking on the link.
  2. You will find the option to enter the username and password in the top corner of the web page.
  3. Make sure to enter your account credentials such as UID and password correct in the appropriate spaces.
  4. Double-check the provided information and click on the “Login” option and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the account page, that’s all!

If the information provided by you on the web is correct, you will be logged into your account. Otherwise, you will be asked to recheck the information and try again with the right credentials. Once the login is thriving on the portal, you will be able to find your work schedule and other data over there.

Resetting Password on

Don’t worry if you don’t remember the password of your United Airlines employee account. There’s an option to reset the password and set a new one. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the password, and you will be able to log in again into your account.

Note: You need to fill in the Employee ID to continue to the reset function

  1. Firstly, enter your account UID in the respective field on the web page to proceed further.
  2. Now click on the Password Help option located on the official login portal of Flying Together.
  3. On the select page, you will find two options i.e., Employee ID and Non-United Pass rider.
  4. Select the appropriate option to proceed further in the process and provide the required details.
  5. After entering the correct details, you will be asked to set a new password for your account.

Once the new password is set, you can use it to log in to your United Airlines employee account whenever you want without any hassle. Login for non-United Pass Riders.

Login Process is the same as for United Pass Riders. You can follow these easy steps-

  • Go to the URL in your browser:
  • Now Enter the Uid/Username and Password.
  • Now hit the login button, you will be logged in.

united flyingtogether

In case if you do not remember your password, enter your Uid/username in the given box and click the Password help. It is must to enter Uid/username before resetting the password.

Final Words

United Airlines have designed the portal by keeping its employees in mind. So, the chances of you running into any sort of login related issues on the portal are quite low. However, if you somehow run into any issues, there’s an option to seek help and contact customer support.

In case you have any basic doubts or queries regarding the Flying Together Intranet login portal, let drop it down in the comment section.

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