How We Solved Cash Collection For Siemens?

The first step in our walk through the maze of the retail world, in our quest to understand how we solved cash collection for Siemens? That would be the sale page of their website, where they have a section devoted to “Cash Collection for Siemens.” It’s right there at the bottom of the home page. It is where we learn that their “real” system is “Automatic Shop Management,” where “customer purchases are tracked and priced using the Siemens Price Chart.”

It is all good stuff. It would be nice if it were accurate. In any event, it’s not. So then, back to our question: How we solved cash collection for Siemens? Let’s look at the honest answer instead of the artificial one.


Shop Management

“Shop Management” is an expensive software package from two software giants: IBM and Quotient. The IBM version 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 Price is considerably more costly than the Quotient version. The quotient is a SaaS company from France. Their U.S. price tag is a mere $5.95. (As you may imagine, this price makes it a “high-end” solution for most midsize organizations.)

Once installed, this software provides “shop style” functionality, where items are inventoried and purchased according to specific sales orders. If the order is out of stock, the shop manager can “stock pick” items with a room. Inventory tracking is also provided. In short, once the inventory is in place, how we solved cash collection for Siemens becomes apparent.

How to Handle Stores?

Let’s assume that a salesperson needs to visit three different stores. How does the software handle this? A query is entered into the Once the results are returned, the salesperson can go to the appropriate store and purchase the item(s) that match the query. Again, this is SaaS-based, but the functionality is easy to assimilate.

Consider that an important customer has ordered three boxes of ink for a set amount of work. How does the software handle this? The software enters the three sales orders into the appropriate database. The system then compiles the information, stores it in memory, and when a customer visits the register, the correct item is automatically placed on the credit card.

How we solved cash collection for Siemens does not stop there. As the business person travels between stores, inventory tracking is performed. Once the salesperson leaves the register, the inventory tracking system will deduct the items from the cart. How we solved cash collection for Siemens is even more straightforward.

Instead of designing a physical shop and having the system connected through multiple communication lines to the sales office, the software is implemented on a web server. It works together with the inventory-tracking system, but there is no need to configure multiple servers. Once the system is up and running, it can coordinate shop automation processes with shop-floor management. As a shop manager, you get the best of both worlds, solving the problem of solving cash collections for Siemens and optimizing your shop environment through the use of highly efficient software.

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How to Solve Cash Collection?

How we solved cash collection for Siemens does not stop there. Once the software is integrated into the shop environment, it can integrate with other departments to make sure that the workflow remains streamlined. For example, you can combine the software with the shipping and return tracking software to ensure that goods are shipped in time and to the correct address. When a customer returns an item, the software will track the order and shipment status.

How we solved cash collection for Siemens does not stop at incorporating the system with inventory tracking. The software will also integrate with payment systems to ensure that payments get made on time. If a customer does not pay for an item, it will be refunded to them automatically.

How we solved cash collection for Siemens does not stop integrating the system with inventory and payment systems. If a shop is robbed, the system will capture all images in black and white and audio feeds to enable police detectives to identify the culprit. This crime deterrent can be used both inside and outside the shop. This allowed the police and the community to feel safer when walking around or driving around a particular area.

How we solved cash collection for Siemens did not stop there. The software is compatible with IP Cameras too. With the images and videos taken by the CCTV cameras, the shop owners can use the software to monitor their shop. This helped reduce the risk of shoplifting and pilferage, which in turn benefits the customer.

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