I Have Too Many Baseball Caps. What Can I Do With Them?


Why don’t we just throw away baseball caps?

I would be killed if I even tried!  Therefore, they multiply and accumulate. You realize one day that you have too many of them.

T-shirts and baseball caps both serve as vehicles for preserving memories.  A person gets a baseball cap from a gift shop or at an event. Baseball games are rare! Keeping them brings back memories of those events.

How do you dispose of all your baseball caps?

Although I have looked, I have not found very many interesting solutions. Shower curtain rings can be stored in the ring storage solution, or displayed in other ways. In addition, you can donate the nice new ones with little memories associated with them to children’s cancer hospitals for the kids to use when their hair falls out. There are more Kepsar than that, though.

What can you do to get rid of your baseball caps and keep them at the same time?

Make a quilt from your baseball caps. T-shirt quilts have long included baseball caps.  It is not necessary to add the entire cap, but rather the logos from the front, the back, and if possible the bill.  T-shirts and ball caps can be combined. Baseball caps can even be used to make a quilt.

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Quilt made from baseball caps and t-shirts

Adding baseball caps to a quilt when you have it made is one of the best ways to use them.  A ball cap is often paired with a T-shirt.

In addition, they work well mixed with T-shirts, since most people don’t have enough ball caps to make a quilt from only them. Find out how that works below.

As you can see, a ball cap only makes up a very small block of space. Quite simply, there isn’t much material in a ball cap. A golf shirt with a breast logo makes a block about the same size as a ball cap. To make a quilt, you need many T-shirts.

When we make T-shirt quilts, many of our customers lighten their load of baseball caps.

Here, it’s difficult to tell that each block is made from a baseball cap. The patch from the cap is more clearly visible in the “A” block.

Is it a good idea to include a baseball cap in your T-shirt quilt?

If you are considering adding a baseball cap, here are a few questions you might ask yourself.


  • Add the baseball cap to the story you are telling with your quilt if it adds to the story.
  • Only use a cap that meets your standards of cleanliness.
  • You can get rid of some of them if you have too many.


  • Your quilt should not have any stiff areas. It is possible to have stiff areas on a ball cap.tiff areas on a ball cap.
  • This usually happens if the cap is dirty.
  • You may not use it if you get in trouble.
  • When the per cap cost exceeds what you think the block is worth.

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