The provides major services that are accessible with the Internet. There are various services such as paid services, free services, and restricted services such as registration systems.

It is a mechanism for disclosing information on the Internet and is a service for websites (web pages or homepages). The contents of the site are stored in dedicated computers called Web servers scattered on the Internet. When browsing the site, specify the URL with a dedicated software called a web browser. When you specify the URL, the web browser searches for a web server on the Internet and displays the contents of the target site on the screen of the computer terminal.

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A service for exchanging information, etc. like mail using a computer network. Information that can be exchanged can be handled not only as sentences (text) but also as document files and images as attachments.In e-mail, we use the e-mail address instead of the address and name in the mail, and send and receive using dedicated software.


SNS is an abbreviation for social networking service, which is a service that promotes and supports the construction of social networks through connections and exchanges between people on the Internet. You can easily form a community with friends and acquaintances, and build new relationships through connections such as hobbies, tastes, and attributes (school, community, company, etc.).

Shopping site :

A website that sells products on the Internet, and is used almost synonymously with online shops and EC sites. (EC sites are often categorized including websites for Internet banking and content distribution services.) There is also a group of shopping sites called shopping malls, where the management company needs a web server to build the site. And a database server are prepared to provide the mechanism of a shopping site. Therefore, even individuals and shops can easily open a shopping site.

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Net Auction:

A net auction is a system of auctions held on the Internet. Buyers can bid on the items they like from the items on sale for the amount they specify. On general auction sites, the current maximum price is displayed, and if the price is higher than that price, you can bid.

Internet banking A system that allows you to use bank services such as balance inquiries, transfers, and transfers through the Internet. Transactions at bank counters and ATMs require you to go to the place during the hours available, but compared to these services, you can use it at home, on weekends and holidays, and even in the early morning at night.

Chat Service Chat is a character-based real-time communication that takes place through a computer network in the sense of chatting. Instant messages and conversations on electronic bulletin boards are also chats.

Electronic Bulletin Board:

An electronic bulletin board is a mechanism that allows you to write, browse, and add comments (less) on a computer network. It is simply called “bulletin board” or “BBS” in English abbreviation. By using the electronic bulletin board, you can exchange information and discuss certain contents.

Groupware literally refers to software intended for information sharing within a group (usually used by companies and large organizations). Document and file sharing, schedule function, bulletin board function within group, facility management function, etc.

Cloud service :

Cloud service is a mechanism that allows data and software that were previously used on individual computers to be used as services via a network. By preparing the minimum environment, you can use various services in the same way from any terminal. It provides software functions, platform functions, and infrastructure functions via the Internet.

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