KissAsian – Best Alternatives to Watch Korean Drama and Movies

KissAsian: With the growing popularity of Smartphones and tech-devices, people have found different ways to get entertained. It’s become a trend now of downloading and watching pirated contents online through different streaming apps available for Smartphones and PC platforms.

One such popular website for streaming Korean Drama and Movies is KissAsian. Many of you might have heard about this site and want to know more about it. All your questions are answered here in this article.


What is KissAsian? Is it a Legit Platform?

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KissAsian is an online platform for watching Asian Drama series and movies. The website offers all types of contents from the Asian productions featuring Asian characters only. The platform provides all kinds of TV series, Shows, Dramas, Biographies, movies and more from Asian territories.

There are many reasons why KissAsian platform is so much popular across the globe. Many of the users have different questions regarding the authenticity of this website and ask many questions about the platform and the contents offered by them.

Before we jump on to the discussion of its authenticity, lets us know about the features and contents offered by the platform to its millions of users from across the globe.

Why is it so much popular?

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  • Packs with full entertainment from old to latest drama and movies
  • Contains a massive library with over 2800+ TV Series and dramas with movies
  • All the popular Asian movies available
  • Will not ask the users to turn off the ad-blocker
  • Built=in media player with all the advanced features
  • Request section to add new movies and dramas to their content library
  • Supports subtitles and dubbed videos in different Asian languages
  • User can explore the shows and movies of different countries such as South Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan etc.

With so many dramas and movies from the Asian countries, including Korea, most of the users want to know about whether the KissAsian a legit platform or not. Here, we have tried our best to give a satisfactory answer to your question.

Is Legit?

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If you explore the web-market, you will get to know about plenty of such online streaming platforms that can give you the best of entertainment for absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to buy a subscription plan or pay for the app’s access; they are entirely free of cost.

Likewise, KissAsian also serves its huge content library for free for the users who want to explore and watch the Asian movies and drama series. KissAsian doesn’t carry its content; all the contents, I.e. drama series, movies and more are not legal ones.

The platform doesn’t buy the copyrights of many of the shows and movies which they put on their platform. For the very same reason, exploring the non-copyrighted contents from this library is not legal.

Exploring this platform is completely safe, and there will be no harm to your computer system or any other devices on which you are accessing it. To keep yourself safe from the legitimacy of this platform, we would suggest you use a VPN which can keep your identity and location hidden.

Why is it safe to watch Korean Dramas and Movies on KissAsian?

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Being a popular Korean Drama and Movies platform, KissAsian offers many advantages to the viewers who want to spend their time watching their favourite Asian movies and tv series without paying anything. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using this platform.

  • It doesn’t harm your computer system. It is free from malware and viruses, so you don’t need to worry about the malware attack on your computer system or mobile device.
  • It doesn’t ask you to switch off your ad-blocker. There will be no bloatware appeared while you stream out your favourite movie or tv series.
  • The website doesn’t track your web behaviour or we can say web activities. It is perfectly safe to use, and you don’t need to open up with Incognito mode.
  • Some of the contents on the KissAsian website are legal to watch so you can also watch legal contents on the platform.

If you get bored by exploring the same contents available on the Kissasian’s website and want to explore something new on your computer system, then you should go for an alternative to this platform. Many of our readers have been asking about the same and we have thought of preparing the list of the best Alternatives to Kissasian platform.

Here we have prepared the list of the Best Kissasian Alternatives for those who are a diehard fan of watching movies and tv series of different regions in their free time. The following list will help you to explore your favorite TV series, original contents, movies and more legally and illegally both. Let’s check them out now!

Best KissAsian Alternatives to watch Korean Drama/Movies

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  1. Daebak Drama

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Daebak Drama is the best platform for those who love to watch Korean Movies and Korean Drama series. The platform is actually a dedicated one for specific audiences only. The drama website is all about watching popular and new Korean Dramas and Movies for free.

It serves a user-friendly interface where you would be able to see the posters and listings and categories of movies and drama shows. The front page will show you several categories of Korean Movies, Korean Drama, Newly Added contents, Currently airing shows and more.

Just select the suitable category from the list and start exploring your favourite Korean Drama and Movies with the built-in media player. All it requires is a high-speed Internet connection, and that’s it.

Visit Daebak Drama

  1. PollDrama

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polldrama kissasian

PollDrama is a premium online streaming service which is available for absolutely free of cost for those who are searching for an alternative to KissAsian website. This website is known for its huge content library of Asian movies and drama series.

The website serves rich user-interface where you would see plenty of popular movies and TV shows posters on the front. Some categories can also be seen on the front page where you can explore movies, drama series, Korean drama and movies, Chinese Drama and Series and more.

You don’t need to create an account or registering on the website for that. The website is there for free and you can quickly start watching your favourite movies and TV Shows in full HD resolution with the built-in media player.

Visit PollDrama

  1. KTVDrama

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KTVDrama is a dedicated platform for those who love to watch Korean Drama and Movies online. This platform is one of the most preferred platforms where you will get regular updated content of Korean Drama Series and Movies. The site adds up new content every week which you can start streaming online with the built-in media player. 

When you visit the website, you will see different categories on the main page along with the lists of the updated movies which you can explore if you want to search for the suitable movies of your choice.  

It’s a free-to-use platform where you will not be asked to create your account. You just need to search for the right Korean movie or episode from the main page and start streaming it online in full HD resolution. All it requires is a high-speed Internet connection to stream your favorite content with no interruptions.   

Visit KTVDrama

  1. ViewAsian

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ViewAsian is yet another popular choice for those who love to watch Asian drama and movies. It’s a one-stop entertainment platform designed for the diehard movie freaks who spend most of their times by watching movies and tv shows of the Asian regions.

The platform is known for its vast content library, which includes all types of movies and drama. The special Chinese and Korean categories are there for specific audiences who want to watch specific contents of Chinese or Korean languages.

The website looks premium with its attractive design. On the front, you will see the list of updated movies and shows. As you scroll down the page, you will get to see more of the updated contents. By selecting the category, you will be presented with the contents from that particular category which you can watch just by clicking on to the poster.

Visit ViewAsian

  1. Viu

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viu kissasian

Viu is a multi-language online streaming platform for Asian people. The platform is loved by millions who can watch their favorite drama, tv-series and movies from different regions of Asia. Viu also carries a huge list of Korean drama and movies. The platform was first launched in Hong Kong, which is now available in many regions across the Asian continent.

If we talk about the popularity of this platform, then Viu has over 20 million+ monthly users who explore and stream out their favourite contents from the preferred language. It has a massive library of Korean movies and drama in full HD resolution.

It’s a premium platform which requires you to register for the platform first. They have several subscription plans which you can choose as per your entertainment needs and can proceed further with that. It serves legal contents produced by the independent producers. It is 100% legal, and you can subscribe to the suitable plan now from the below-given link.

Visit Viu

Final Words

[su_divider top=”no” anchor=”.” size=”2″] is undoubtedly the best online streaming platform on the web. The website carries both legal and illegal contents and offers the best of entertainment as per your needs to fulfil your desires of watching Korean Dramas and Korean Movies.

Those of you who want to switch the platform and want to explore more of the fresh contents and movies, the above list contains the top-rated and the best alternative to KissAsian website. Explore the list and pick the suitable option now!

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