Where Is Xur Today & What Is He Selling In Destiny 2

Xur is a realm on the Eastern Bloc of the World. The only remaining independent Outer Zone city, Xur, has been a place of trade for decades. So where is Xur today, and what is the selling in Destiny 2? It was recently revealed that Xur would be one of four new planets introduced to the Destiny franchise.


Destiny 2 Video Game

Located at the very far east end of the map in the southern Thanalan region, Xur is rich in history and culture. Surrounding the city are several large crater-like structures that were once the result of massive volcanic eruptions. At one time, there were no plants or trees in this particular part of the galaxy. This gives the Xur city a sense of mystery and explains why Xur is selling so well in the opening section of the Destiny 2 video game.

Xurian Expedition

Xur also contains a steady stream of Dregs. These are insectoid creatures that resemble roaches and were first seen by the Xurian expedition. The Puritans hoped that the Dregs would allow them to build a safe home for their growing population. Unfortunately, the Xurians failed to make use of the Dregs, and the colony later became overcrowded. The Xurians later developed teleporters that could transport people from Xur to any other location on the map.

Travel to Xur is possible by using the Xur Teleportation Platform. This is used to bring people directly to the city of Xur. The leaders of the Xur colony can only access the platforms. Once aboard the platform, a player will be greeted by a character who will give them directions on how to travel to the city of Xur.

Exotic Engraving Knives

Xur sells exotic engraving knives that can be used for inscription on various items. These include tanks, space shuttles, and spaceships. A player can buy these from the marketplace of Xur. Xur also has several stores selling weaponry, food, and other goods. These are all sold in several different locations around the city.

The city of Xur is very technologically advanced. There are several examples of this in the form of computer-generated screens. These are called the Missense technology and can show a player’s virtual screen inside an airtight capsule. An individual developed immense technology to integrate virtual reality into the city of Xur fully.

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Some Kind of Disaster

Where is Xur today? Xur is no longer the thriving colony it once was. Most of the Xurians that remain have been forced to flee from the city due to some kind of disaster. As of the present time, most Xurians live on planets beyond the orbit of the solar system. However, some colonies can still sustain life with the aid of a thick green atmosphere of plants.

Where is Xur today is a question that many fans want to be answered. We know that the video game played by the residents of Xur is far more advanced than any video gaming developed in the past. The residents of Xur have managed to craft the virtual world of the distant future into a virtual reality that looks pretty similar to the end that many scientists believe will be possible in the next decade.

Transportation Purposes

If you want to know about the future of human space exploration, you should keep an eye on what is happening in Xur. For instance, in the gameplay, the Xurians are not only using the colony ship for transportation purposes, but they are also using the colony ship for research experiments. There are also rumors that the Xurians have sent back samples of human DNA to the planet Sol III to try and recreate human life. When the Xurians send their samples back to Sol III, the humans on Earth will use this information to create the next generation of humans.

Reborn & Survive

This means that the video game that the players will be playing will feature humans that have been “reborn” in the image of their ancestors. When we first meet our characters in the game, we will choose whether or not we want to “survive” the simulation and live onboard the colony ship. If we do, we will not have much choice because we will have to either eat or drink the food provided (although there will be some interesting side quests for those who want to kill many insects to gain experience points). If we choose not to, then we will have to make do with the limited resources. The good news for those that like to take risks is that the next time the Xurians send a video to Earth, they will have a new mission.

Final Thoughts:

According to rumors that leaked from inside the studio, the next mission will go “beachfront”. Will you be able to experience a video game like no other? Then you should look into this game right now! I will see you there!

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