Which Company Has The Best SEO?

Questions like “which company has the best SEO in Bangkok?” and “How to do keyword analysis for an affordable price” and “Which companies have a great tracking system?” are among the many in a bewildering sea of SEO companies all claiming to be the best in the business.


Many SEO Companies

Let’s face it. Many SEO companies don’t even write in English that their website looks like a badly translated, poorly put-together document. It’s hard to understand what they’re saying, and if you try to communicate with them, they sound more like a foreign language than an American business. It is like having to deal with an irrelevant telemarketer. How will your business be effectively marketed or promoted if you can’t even be found online?

Link Building Services

Well, for starters, some excellent companies out there do provide some excellent quality service. One of the best SEO companies I’ve dealt with was Backlinking Inc. They were so impressive that my first impression of them was “they speak Chinese and offer link building services.” That’s a pretty high level of service. And if you’re going to be ranked highly for a meaningful key phrase, you need to have a top-tier SEO service at your back door.

Cost Of SEO Services

What impressed me about Backlinking Inc. was the high level of service they provided and the way they structured their pricing structure. As a small business owner who was struggling to make ends meet in Thailand at the time, I quickly learned that the cost of SEO services in Thailand could be unaffordable for most companies. By offering discounted SEO packages to local businesses, we could immediately add value to our clients while increasing sales and lowering overhead.

Site Or Domain

Now it’s true that some SEO companies will charge more to get thaitopseo.co.th done for your site or domain. This doesn’t mean that a company that charges $100 for a one-time link will do any better than a company charging $500 for four or five full-time links. The trick is to find a balanced system that provides you with high value while covering all of your SEO needs. A top-tier SEO service should include link building, content writing, blog creation and management, video marketing, social media marketing, directory listings, and a few other services. It’s essential to understand how each service affects your bottom line.

Top Tier Company

A top-tier company will make all of these SEO efforts appear natural to search engines. They will get you high rankings for the exact keywords that you’re targeting. Your customers need to do the only thing to find you is to execute a basic search on a search engine that displays relevant results. Once they see you, your website will already be high on the list. This makes it very easy for your customer to do some shopping around until they find you!

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Investment In SEO

A second-tier SEO service will do all of the things mentioned above, plus more. They’ll also submit your site to thousands of directories, create unique link profiles for you, provide content, build backlinks, and even do keyword research to help improve your site’s search ranking. The goal is to increase traffic and get your site to the top of the natural search results. This may require some additional work on your part, but if you’re willing to commit a few hours each week, it’s certainly possible to get a good return on your investment in SEO.

Last Word:

So “which company has the best SEO?” is a tricky question to answer. The truth is that every business owner is an individual. What works well for one person may not work at all for another. Everyone has a different idea of what they want from their business.

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