Is Xossipy the Best Alternatives For Xossip in 2023

Xossipy is one of the most popular and widely known places on the internet where users could share and find videos, memes, photos in various categories. The forum is receiving millions of visitors regularly in its prime days. Although the site is accessible for everyone around the world, it is mainly used by Indians. Soon after its inception, the forum or website of Xossipy started gaining attraction and within a short span of time and the user base on the website grew exponentially. The best part about the Xossipy forum is that it was well organized compared to other similar forums that are available on the Internet.

However, with time Xossipy started gaining popularity and unwanted attention along with that.

Xossipy is the best alternative to Xossip. Xossip was probably the most popular forum for Indians, Later it was shutdown due to some legal issues but you don’t have to dishearten yourself with the fact that the forum is closed permanently. If you have been an avid user of the Xossip website, then you’ve got to the right place. Today, in this article, we’re going to dig deep into the reasons that lead to its permanent shutdown and also showcase some of the best alternatives to Xossip.

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Everything We Know About Xossipy So Far

Xossipy is an open forum where anyone can register and start a discussion over there without any limitations. There were no restrictions as to what you can share on the website, it allowed pretty much anything in terms of content from mature discussions to adult videos and photos.

In case you aren’t aware, Xossipy is used to be the parent site of Exbii which was known to be the best adult place on the Internet. This forum itself had almost all the boards, such as Videos, Live Threads, Images, Gifs, Memes, Regional stories, Hindi content, etc. In short, it’s a great place for Indians to find desi type of content.

In terms of the user base, the forum had almost 100,000 users at one point and it had a high engagement rate as well. Xossipy is probably the most active forum on the internet among Indians. On the forum, new users were supposed to register an account by entering their details in order to be able to post or respond to other threads. Additionally, there was also an option to browse the forum anonymously if the user wanted.

The site itself wasn’t the problem, however, the nature of the content being shared on the platform caught the attention of the Government.

So, in the end, the owner of the forum was inevitably forced to shut down the forum permanently. Moreover, the forum had no advertisements at all, the admins managed to keep the forum alive as long as possible solely based on the donations.

Is Xossipy is Best Alternative for Xossip?

Recently we have noticed a few rumors saying the original Xossip forum is back with a new domain address. These rumors are being circulated all over the Internet. So, we have decided to dig down a bit and see if the forum is actually back or not. As expected, the rumors turned out to be just rumors, the Xossip forum isn’t back at all. Even the domains stated in the rumors were also not working.

So, at this point, I guess it’s safe to say that it is dead and isn’t coming back anytime soon in the future. Xossip was a popular and widely known forum, unfortunately, that was the end of it. However, there are a few alternatives available on the internet that are worth trying out.

In this article itself, we have shared a bunch of sites like Xossip where you can discuss and gossip about almost anything without any restrictions. Go ahead and check out the following list if you’re interested in alternatives to it.

Best Alternatives To Xossip

The forums or website showcased in the below list are all free to access, however, you need to create an account in order to be able to respond on threads created by others or to start your own thread. Also, make sure to follow the guidelines (if shown) on the forums to avoid any possible issues. So, without wasting any further time, let’s go ahead and jump in the list right away.



I guess the name itself is more than enough to describe the forum, but in case you didn’t get it, no worries. XForum is an adult forum board where you can find mature content such as Video links, Adult Gifs, Photos, etc. The forum is open for all sorts of contents and discussions, however, on the forum, you will find mature content for the most part. So, if you’re looking for a place to consume mature content, then there’s no better option than XForum.

XForum is a well-managed forum with a good amount of users posting engaging content regularly. The only downside is that the forum relies on advertisements to sustain itself and to meet the expenses, however, you can easily remove the advertisements simply by registering an account on the forum. Overall, the forum is a pretty great place and super easy to get started for new users.



Xossipz is another great alternative to the original Xossip website that offers an engaging community along with hassle-free registration for those who are visiting the forum for the first time. If you already have the original Xossip website, then chances are, you will find the user interface of Xossipz similar to the old one. The team behind Xossipz has put in all the efforts to replicate the original Xossip website and they have been quite successful so far.

Now coming to the forum’s features, it’s the same as the previously mentioned forum. However, the only difference is that you will have to create an account on Xossipz in order to be able to view the posts and content on the forum. Apart from that, there’s no issue with the forum or the way it functions. Talking about the content, there are quite a lot of sub-boards such as Adult, Stories, Photos, Images, etc. Go ahead and give it a shot yourself.




Xossipy is another widely known forum with loads of active users that manage to keep the forum alive despite the odds. The forum itself is comparatively new in the market, and the admin of the team behind the forum has received ample amounts of donations so far to maintain and manage the website. As of now, the future of Xossipy forum seems to be promising and is definitely worth mentioning on this list of Xossip alternatives.

Users are required to go through the process of Registering an account on the forum to view the content. Moreover, the forum is under the moderation of the admin all the time to prevent the site from going down. The user interface and navigation on the forums might seem a bit clunky but that’s not a big deal once you get used to the forum. So far we have not found anything that’s worth complaining about the forum, so it definitely falls in our recommended list.

How To Access Xossip Website

You might want to access the Xossip forum, however, as stated earlier in the article, the website is permanently deleted by the admins. The team who were managing the forum couldn’t do anything to keep the forum alive, the ban was inevitable. So, people who wish to access the Xossip website or the forum itself, unfortunately, you cannot.

However, if you wish to see the content that was shared on the forum when it was alive, then we’ve got a workaround for you. There’s a tool called Wayback Machine which is a digital archive that takes a snapshot of the website whenever it is updated. With the help of this tool, you can access the Xossip website on any device. Go ahead and follow the below-mentioned steps properly.

  1. First of all, Visit the official website of Wayback Machine on your device by clicking on this link.
  2. On the home page, you will find a URL in which you need to type the domain address of Xossip.
  3. After the domain address on the web page, simply hit enter and wait for a few seconds for the site to load.
  4. Now select the year from the calendar when prompted to see its archive or the snapshot taken in that year.
  5. The tool will load the specified year snapshot of Xossip and you can view its content on the web page. That’s all!

You can select any year as per your wish from the calendar, but it mostly depends on the number of snapshots that were captured by the Wayback Machine. You can use this method to access other websites as well that are shut down or aren’t working currently. The best part about Wayback Machine is that it’s completely free and you can use it as many times as you want without any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The below-shared list contains answers to all the commonly asked questions in respect to the Xossip website. In case, if your query or doubt isn’t covered in the following list, then feel free to drop it in the comment section.

Well, the website itself is shut down and there’s no way it will come back at this point. But, those who wish to view the content shared on the forum can follow the above-mentioned method.

First of all, almost all the forums available on the internet are free to access. Now coming to the question, the websites shared in the above list are currently the best and active alternatives to Xossip.

Some places like campus, organizations have restricted certain websites like Xossip from being accessed on the premises. However, such restrictions can be bypassed simply by using a VPN service or proxy web.

Wrapping up – Xossipy

When it comes to the original Xossip forum board, there isn’t any competition at all. In fact, there aren’t many websites or forums available on the internet that are even close to Xossip in terms of content and user interface. Fortunately, there are a few good ones that are quite close to Xossip, which are shared in the above-mentioned list.

We have seen a lot of people asking for the Xossipy web address on the internet, and most probably you have come here looking for the same. We do not disappoint anyone. Unfortunately, the Xossip website is not going to come back as the admins themselves decided to delete the entire forum. I guess that’s the end for this article, in case you any further queries or doubts to be cleared, then drop them in the comment section below.

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