Free IPTV Movistar M3u8 and M3U lists 2021

If you have ever heard of the Iptv Movistar services and want to take advantage of them from now on, you can pay attention to all the information you will see in this article, which will help you understand in the best possible way all the advantages or functions that it has for you the Iptv, in this case, the Movistar.

First of all, you should know that the Iptv Movistar is a TV or television service that is in charge of taking advantage of the Broadband accesses in Fiber Optics, thus providing an excellent grid of channels that exist in the market.

Apart from everything, this Iptv has a friendly and modern menu with functionalities, HD capacity, and recording services in all the decor that is in the home. Likewise, it has access to Movistar play, as well as a variety of functionalities and applications such as TwiTv, Virtual Branch, Movistar Kids, and Predictive Search, and others.

The services of this platform to enjoy quite complete entertainment are excellent, and you will notice as you try all the functions on it, as well as overtime.


How to use Movistar TV’s private lists

As in most, or all, applications or platforms that can be known as IPTV, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account when taking advantage of the benefits of it.

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  • This service can only be accessed by people who are clients with feasibility in IPTV and Fiber Optic, which is now also available in the Metropolitan Region, La Serena, San Felipe, Ovalle, Viña del Mar, Los Andes, Talca, Quillota , Valparaíso, San Fernando, Peñablanca, Quilpué, Linares and Rancagua.
  • Fiber Optic and standard services cannot be installed simultaneously in the same address.
  • The installation of some type of antenna is not required to be able to contract Iptv, since the signal usually travels through the data networks to reach the home through the Fiber Optic.
  • It is not required to contract the internet to have the IPTV since it works independently. However, applications that usually depend on the connection to a network are always conditioned.
  • The client must have an HDMI port on the televisions for the Iptv where the installation of this service for TV is required.


As for what you need to access fiber optic TV services, technicians must install:

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  • ONT
  • The decoder in each of the televisions for service


Following this plan, little by little you will then be enjoying the most wonderful services that will generate that your way of enjoying TV evolve in an unexpected and great way.

Free IPTV Movistar List July


When you want to have Iptv Movistar at home, it is always good for you to know the simple methods that you must comply with in order for this to be possible. And, in this case, we will introduce you to some simple things that you can keep in mind whenever you want to watch movies or series more easily and quickly.

It is possible that most of the TV channels that are found through applications, and others, are inconvenient because they can stop working very quickly. However, Movistar’s Iptv lists are very simple to obtain, as well as being one of the most recommended ways in which you can watch TV for free on any device.

You just have to follow some links like the IPTV Spain list and you will be seeing some incredible lists depending on the IPTV platform.

Movistar movies m3u list

Just as you can tend to have the list with the best IPTV of Movistar, you can have access to different lists of movies that are totally free. In this, you will only require time and a good internet connection, and thus enjoy the greatest content wherever you are.

You can use the official links on the Movistar website, and spend a pleasant moment with your family or friends while they watch a movie or series through Iptv.


There are Movistar lists in m3u that are totally free, in addition to having a great diversity of channels that could be seen through any device you have, but that is obviously smart.

IPTV lists on Android phones

It is very easy to watch channels through Iptv on cell phones, TV boxes, or Android tablets. The apps that can be used in this case are Iptv Pro, VLC Player for Android, GSE Smart IPTV, Lazy Iptv, SS IPTV, among others.

You can use GSE Smart Pro Iptv, Wiseplay, in the same way, which counts on being a version that is more updated, and others, to watch channels from an iPad or iPhone.

And, regarding playback on PCs, you can use the VLC Media Player, which is best known by this means, or use the special Rosadin Portable version for Windows, although the first program is the one that we recommend you use the most.

See the list of Movistar IPTV channels on Smart TV

If you want to enjoy the services of IPTV through a smart TV, you can do this through various programs that are available in all official stores of the different accessible brands.

These apps are SS IPTV, OTTPlayer or Smart Iptv, which are the most used by television users, although the first one will cost you a bit when learning to use it since you will have to configure it.

You must not forget that, in order to always have a modern, exclusive and correct use, each and every one of the applications you use must be updated according to the request of the device or by the application itself.

Since you know a little about the subject of IPTV Movistar, it is time for you to know that the URLs of Movistar have various channels on Sports, Comedy, movies, novels, Soccer, series, children’s anime, Motogp, and F1, as well as channels on various languages, open on TV mostly in countries of Mexico, Chile and Spain.

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