How to transfer data from airtel to airtel

Everything is possible today with just some click, so this is also not a big deal now to transfer data. Basically internet is becoming the most important stuff in every one’s life day to day. Airtel is bringing on something exciting by which you can transfer your internet data to others. Every day airtel is coming up with new plans for their customers and it’s no more a big thing that anyone can share their internet data to others. But you can now make it possible with same network operator. Using the airtel easy share service providers there are facilities to transfer the airtel prepaid number internet data balance to another mobile number.

Using this service, you can easily transfer airtel activated 3G/4G data pack and not just an unlimited data pack. There is only the airtel net balance transfer service for airtel prepaid users. This says that you can transfer the airtel prepaid data to another airtel number only and not on another network operator sim.  Check more tech articles on this website, check here.

This is indeed going to help the users in case of emergency and is also helpful for the customers who are regular users of the service. You must make sure that there is sufficient data balance to share the internet data to another mobile number.


How to transfer it:-

This is really stressed free, with you just need to share your 3G internet data to 4 members. You can share this every month and this is quite an easy and simple process. The following is going to take just some minutes and here comes two options likely being the SMS method in which you need to share an SMS to the customer to help them know everything. The other option is to directly login to

Transferring the airtel 3G/4G internet data balance:-

Here comes the step by step process of how to transfer your airtel prepaid account with 3G/4G internet data balance to another mobile number.

  • Dial*129*101# or visit the URL.
  • Enter the airtel mobile number and then login with the OTP.
  • Once you enter the OTP this type of window will show you.

Alternate method to share the airtel 3G/4G internet data balance:-

  • In the first step, download the airtel app and login with the mobile number.
  • Now tap on the left side of the menu bar and then select the family share option and next add the family members to your plan.
  • Now you can ask the concerned person whom you are transferring the data to verify through SMS and share your data and benefits with family members.

Terms and conditions to follow:-

  • You need to add the airtel mobile number of the person with whom you want to share your airtel 3G/4G internet data balance.
  • A maximum of 4 numbers must be added to your list.
  • After sharing the data balance reaches thresholds of 100 MB, 50 MB and 10 MB, SMS warning alerts are to be sent to all members of the family.
  • You need to add the mobile number before sharing the internet data balance to another airtel number.
  • You can also add the mobile number by either online method or can send a message from your mobile number.

Sharing airtel data online:-

This manages with another option, just simple way to move on is with airtel official website. Now you can enter a valid airtel number and then click on the go button.

An OTP will be generated on particular portal number then click on the submit button.  Then you can add numbers with who would like you to share with 3G/4G internet pack.

Then you can easily add up to four members in your own circle. This is the simple step you need to follow and manage with transferring data from airtel to airtel.

Transferring balance:-

Balance transferring in airtel is also a portion appreciable. You don’t need to run to shops or borrow money from friends. Just ask your near ones to transfer some balance from their airtel sim to your airtel sim. The airtel support balance that is supportly being transferred from one mobile number to the other. The process is quite simple and easy process. For this you need to know some facts. First is the sender and receiver must bear the airtel service provider. The second one is you must know the airtel USSD code for balance transfer and that is *141#.

Transferring balance is followed on with the process as mentioned:-

  • Firstly you need to dial airtel USSD code for transferring balance *141#, which is going to open menu with open like share talk time. Take a loan or ask for talk time or gift pack. You can buy happy hours and take an account help.
  • You need to choose the “share talk time” by pressing 1 and then hit “send”.
  • You will be asked to enter the amount of balance that you wish to transfer to any one needed.
  • This will display the amount of balance that you wish to transfer including the service tax.
  • Next enter the amount and enter the receiver’s mobile number and then send it.

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