What Is The Value Of Peppermint in Murder Mystery 2?

Peppermint in Murder Mystery 2 is a common ingredient, although it’s used very sparingly. I’m not complaining because it adds just enough to keep it from feeling like a filler scene or an afterthought. The reason Murder Mystery 2 Values is used so sparingly is because it works so well as a supporting character in this film. Don’t get me wrong, it does have its moments where it could use a bit more content. The storyline, acting, and direction are all great, but the way Peppermint makes himself a part of the story is one of the highlights of the film.

It’s easy to forget about the other characters in this film, especially comparing it to the last entry in the murder mystery franchise. For a film that’s only 90 minutes long, it manages to pack quite a lot into two hours. There’s a whole sequence involving Peppermint taking Janey behind the dumpster and hiding there with her. The scene looks almost like a scene out of a spy movie, with some very intense lighting and some really weird and surreal elements to it.

After doing a good deal of talking and expressing a large number of emotions, they’re finally found walking along the sidewalk. From here we get to learn how they met – or shouldn’t have, in this case. In one swift movement, they’re both pulled up into the van. They have a long moment of dialog about how the circumstances they find themselves in now directly relate to each other. A few quick deceptions later, it turns out they’re not the target – and that “other person” isn’t actually an actor.


What Is The Value Of Peppermint in Murder Mystery 2?

I have no idea. It doesn’t really help the film much, and it doesn’t have any inherent strengths either. It doesn’t have any heart, any staying power, or any staying power at all.

That being said, it’s still a pretty funny film. Lots of visual gags, including the incredibly on-purpose “what is that?” look-up reference that Peppermint makes on her first trip up the elevator. It’s funny because she’s acting like an Indiana Jones character, trying to figure out where the crime took place. The storyline itself isn’t all that unique, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it works – it just requires a bit of suspension of disbelief to make it work.

Central Romance Theme

But then, I suppose what’s really driving the film is the central romance theme. The two leads, played by Coffman and Heard, quickly find themselves deeply in love with one another. It’s a nice touch to have the audience start doubting their attraction until the wheels really begin to turn towards the end of the film – where the couple finally consummate their relationship. It almost feels too good to be true. And then, the next day, they’re back together.

What is the value of Peppermint in Mystery 2? I don’t know, maybe it’s just another one of those flicks that makes you look forward to a sequel… or maybe it has something more to offer than the first film did. Either way, it’s a fun watch and a nice break from the more serious mystery films we’ve been seeing these past few years.

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At the end of the day, it’s tough to pick a winner between Coffman and Heard. Both are amazing actors, both have great screenplays to play, and it’s clear that film was the winner. However, that doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. It’s entirely up to the audience to decide which is their favorite. Maybe they’ll even decide to combine their performances and come up with a brand-new concept for a new mystery movie…

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